What do we do about the JWs?

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  • WTWizard

    I hope they end up getting put out of business. They initiate threats of force (death at Armageddon) and fraud to get people to join, and often resort to force to keep people in (often by busting families up). They can be proven wrong, both because the Bible itself is faulty and because they don't even use the Bible as they claim to.

    Thus, the government has every right to shut them down. And, they have every right to educate children about the real truth. For starters, they should automatically give children of mixed families to the non-witless parent, unless the non-witless is even more blatantly abusive. They should educate the children about the real truth, so they can make a valid decision when they grow up (and not the disjointed crap "education(??)" that they get today). They should be able to raid the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund and use the money to advertise the real truth in mainstream media (remember the anti-smoking ads?).

    Meanwhile, we can all post on forums that we are members of. If we have Facebook or MySpace accounts, we can put blogs and posts on their forums that expose the witlesses and cite sources of other critical material. We can direct attention to mainstream sources (like the NBC Pedophile Embarrassment last fall) that expose the religion as a farce. We can post our own stories about how they ruined our lives, or at least made things needlessly difficult. We can cite the discrepency between the joy they claimed was ours, and the "joy" that we actually experienced--and do so objectively. And, we can put it in places where people that are studying are likely to stumble on and read. Hopefully, that will make their membership more stagnant, get them discouraged, and weaken them.

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