What do we do about the JWs?

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  • BurnTheShips
    Remember when we were blinded in our self righteousness

    You haven't changed.


  • dawg

    Thank you for proving what I was saying.... about you.

    I wrote a reply earlier to a thread of yours, you ignored it as usual... because it proves what you're saying is wrong

    You have made yourself an enemy, I don't like you nor do I pretend to any longer... the reason....

    When you're cornered you are evasive... which means you could care less about the truth...

    I've read you doing this to me, I've read you doing this to others, I've read your insults to me, I've read where you insulted others.

    People that respond to you have got to realize, you are not going to change your opinion no matter what evidence is presented that completely shows you're wrong...

    I don't mince words with you because I recognize what you are... it's really that simple.

    It's become a joy to me as I now consider what you write to be comedy... blather from a man I see as very intelligent, just as I saw many JWs, yet unyielding no matter what happens that shows their position isn't accurate...

    It used to make me sad, to see the potential you have, the intellect wasted, but now you remind me of every other person that defends their wrong doing... it doesn't matter that their intent may be good, their actions are bad... and must be punished and defeated.

    Don't get me wrong, I prefer peace, but you've made war... Those that want what's right must not allow the lies you spout to go unanswered... you are the enemy of what's right as you show daily here on this forum..

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I don't wanna get in the middle of the above situation, so I will just give my two cents about what we should do with the jw's.

    I think that we should back away from them. They are headed for an awful end and I don't wanna get drawn down the tube when their ship sinks.

  • dawg

    Tired... I think you're right... lies simply don't add up, sooner or later foolishness is exposed... I see many people leaving the JW religion, but I bet many more will follow... I think the internet will expose their lies.

  • reneeisorym

    And they won't be able to see "the truth" about "the truth" without something personal that makes them want to see it.

  • dawg

    But what blinds them? They start out defending... what does any human have to defend... once they're wrong, why not change? I've changed many times... nothing wrong with being wrong...LOL!

  • dawg

    If anyone thinks I'm making this up, then read the thread about Palin and rape kits.... unimaginable.

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate

    Bush did it.

  • misocup

    Some of them want to be abused....

    oh how happy it would make them.

    I used to tell them I was a satanist and watch them back away in horror.

  • truthlover


    I am a newbie - only posted 6 so far but have been watching the forum for some time

    You noted that there are so many leaving the "truth" - how do you know, is is just from this board or are you a "connected" one?? I for my part in our little community hear a lot of talk from those in and there is a lot of discouragement and frustration and the same old "want to leave, but cant" - same situation with me, needless to say, our talk is behind closed doors due to being labeled..

    I saw somewhere there were thousands of posters here... over the years I estimate, using WTBS numbers from the annual reports that upwards of 3 million have left, I could be wrong --- and if there are still those in who are counted as either inactive or minimal pubs who really dont have the heart for it anymore, the numbers the WTBTS is publishing for their worldwode numbers would be way out of whack

    Just a thought

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