If You Had To Choose: TV or The Internet----What Would It Be?

by minimus 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    So many of my tv shows are shown on the net so the net it is.

  • abbagail

    Wow, nobody seems to have had a problem deciding, but this is a tough one for me. Love them both, don't want to give up either.

    I do long spells at a time on each. Get sick of one, then switch to the other.

    After a long time on the net (like now) and even with a laptop I can put in the bed, I still get to a point I don't want to see the computer for a few days. Then I switch to the TV, not regular TV, but with the DTV-box (no cable in this area), I get 5 PBS channels which I love (and no commercials), and 2 Christian channels which I also love (with no commercials), so I have either of those going all the time even when I'm not watching (like now).

    And I've been thinking of getting Sky Angel IPTV where I could get 50 more Christian channels (30 TV and 20 radio) and if you get the Family plan as well, you get Discovery, Hallmark, and channels like that.

    I need a Solomon experience -- somebody rip them both in two so I can keep half of each?

  • frankiespeakin

    No time to waste watching TV,, only so many hours in a day,, Internet rules!!!

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