Do You Feel Bad For Witnesses Who Are Still In?

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  • FreudianSlip

    Some yes, some no. For people like my parents that have already wasted so much time believing (45+ years), I feel that them leaving now would be a bigger detriment than staying in. Right now they feel they have a purpose and have doznes of friends who share that purpose with them. If they lost this religion they would lose everything and everyone they know and at this late point in their lives I prefer they maintain the security that they have.

    Now my 19 year old brother is a different story. He's young and has his whole life ahead of him. I wish that he could see the light and live his life to the fullest.

  • carla

    Some days I feel bad for them, then I read a heartbreaking thread of another family in ruin due to shunning, abuse, ridiculous elders who make someone's life hell, a child dying due to blood, etc... then they just pretty much piss me off and I have no compassion for the intellectual laziness and sheer cowardice of jw's who are afraid of their own shadow and will not research. (that includes my jw as well as them as group)

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I feel bad that they are in....they feel bad that I'm out.....I feel bad that they feel bad since I feel good....which makes them feel bad.

  • sf

    Many of these people have made huge sacrifices.

    LOL!!!!! You can't be serious.

    I'm confident that a majority of JWs would leave immediately, if they only knew the real truth.

    Praytell, HOW will they EVER know the truths that you NOW KNOW about this org? Who WILL share with them these truths you NOW KNOW?

    ROFLOL!!! You silly people...huge sacrifices.


  • Finally-Free

    It's hard to feel bad for people I don't like.


  • jaguarbass

    After spending 31 years trapped in the depressing tower, I spend most of my time today trying to feel good.

    And most of my time worrying about myself and not someoneelse.

    I think JW's are encouraged to meddle and worry about others, its part of the salesman nature the borg trys to install to evangalize spread the message and recruit.

    I've been out since 83.

    The witnesses I knew from then that are still in saw and experiecned the same things that I did.

    I had to fight for my right to party, it was hard leaving the borg. It took a lot of self help books, counseling and paxil.

    Leavings not for everybody and stayings not for everybody.

    Life is a journey. For most of us here our journey went through a kindumb hall. Many here made it out.

    There are all kind of people. I am not simple minded and I suffer for it.

    For simple minded people the organizatin could provide peace, security and happiness.

    Thats more than I have.

    So I would think most in the organization would feel bad for me.

  • asilentone
  • ex-nj-jw

    Absolutly NOT!


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am an ass. I feel bad for some of them. I feel glad about some of the ones I despise being ignorant, though.....

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Blackmail, lies, coerscion, backstabbing, favourtism, bad advice, shutdowns, destruction of culture, and sapping every ounce of joy in ones life, they arn't even patriots. I paid a heavy price, and lost many many years. If they want my respect, now they have a heavy price to pay. There were no excuses for me, or mercy or even annonymity. Nothing but judgement in every aspect of my existence.

    Why should anyone feel sorry for them. Besides, they are obviously ok, with what they do. I have never received apologies, for being cut out of my brothers wedding and photographs, or being cut out of every facet of life, from chess to concerts. Actions have consequences, and the same applies to them. I beleive the majority are quite happy living with their ignorance. If they make their bed, they can lie in it too.

    There are lines in humanity, which should not be crossed, regardless of religious dictates. There are lines in family, which should not be crossed, regardless of religious dictates.

    What they need, is not for people to feel sympathy for them. They need to straightened out. Those that are victims, I feel sorry for. Those that apologize on the net, for knocking on peoples doors, I feel sorry for. These are repeat offenders that need severe behaviour modification.

    They already know, that they are creating enemies. Where would their joy be, if there was no one persecuting them? Isn't that what they created themselves? Doesn't it give them a feeling of superiority?

    If they want people to feel sorry for them, then they should stop rubbing sand in peoples eyes.

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