Where would you relocate in Texas and why?

by White Dove 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • sooner7nc

    If you go to the DFW area, ignore the D and stay with the FW.

    The towns west of Ft. Worth (Hudson Oaks, Willow Park, Weatherford) are nice, and growing at a fast rate. Good economy.

  • yknot

    Almost everyplace in Texas can fall below 60 degrees during the day in winter.

    The best chances of not falling below 50 are Corpus and Brownsville area and along the border like Jim mentioned.

    The good news is that both those areas should have employment in your field.

    If you don't already speak Spanish, you will need to acquire the language.

  • Irreverent

    Corrizo Springs TX. because it is in the middle of nowhere.

  • asilentone

    If you want warm weather all year around, move to Phoenix, Arizona or Miami, Florida.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Or Honolulu.

  • Quandry

    Sounds like Corpus or Galveston would be your ticket.

    You'll have to wait on Galveston. Even the residents aren't allowed back in for another week or so after hurricane Ike, and it has already been a week. There is only one gas station on the island up and running. No infrastructure.No electricity. Many, many homes destroyed. Farther east on the coast is even worse. Homes completely washed away. Over a million in Houston don't have electricity yet.

  • moshe

    I really thought Seabrook TX- on Galveston Bay just east of NASA would be the place to retire- but not now. Ike ruined the city and destroyed their sewer plant, so the town is CLOSED until they can build a temporary plant and fix the ruined one. My daughter lived in Corpus and it seemed nice until you drove over to the gritty side of town and yes the refinery smell can get to you. I think water availability will be an issue for cities out west soon.

  • SacrificialLoon

    No one's mentioned Crawford, TX yet. You could go clear brush with Bush.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'd end up "accidentally" catching his precious fence on fire and him with it (Muttley snickers)

    I'll be working in a government office, hopefully. We'll see.

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