I live in a JW apartment complex - does anyone else here also live in one?

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  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Au contraire, mon frere.

    It is one thing to live in a situation where people are nosy.

    It is quite another when they situations they see, or THINK they see, and then they relate info to other people like elders, who try to crucify you.

  • AudeSapere

    For about 5 years I lived in a rent-controlled apartment managed by JWs and owned by cheap landlords.

    The heat went out in November. Manager said: "Don't worry. Spring will be here soon." Took two weeks to get the heat fixed. It was freezing in there!

    I enjoyed living there at the time. It was my first apartment out of my parents house and I lived right next to the Kingdom Hall (Thousand Oaks CA).

    Really don't have any horror stories. As far as I could tell, we all got along real well. I wasn't trying to get in much trouble so didn't get much flak.

    The guys downstairs started getting a little wild but I don't think anyone said too much. A few things were a little risque and we (probably mostly *me*) made a few comments and rolled a few eyes, but mostly we lived and let live. - As best I can recall.

    I moved there because I needed a break from responsibilities at home and the apartment rent was cheaper than the rent I paid at home. I promised myself that if I was going to pay more money on housing, it would be a mortgage. After 5 years I bought my first condo. Funny... It was out of territory and noone came to visit. They assumed that I was going to the other congregation and pretty much forgot about me. In inadvertently managed the perfect fade.


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