Feeling like such a horrible parent.

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  • whyamihere

    Took my children to the park last night, as my daughter requested. We walked to the park, overcome with this feeling of something bad was going to happen, but shrugged it off and proceeded to the destination. We were there for only 20 minutes, as I was helping my 4 year old son, my daughter fell off the bars. Hearing her cry didn't alarm me, since I have been accustomed to her wailing over spilt milk, but I knew she was hurt non the less. Telling her to calm down and we'll go home and ice her injury. After 20 minutes of icing her arm, I had this funny feeling and took her in to the Hospital. Sitting there and thinking that she probably sprained it. It got bad to worse. Not only she broke her arm(near elbow), but now she will most likely need to have a surgical procedure - breaking the growth plate. Right now, I am at a loss of words and I just can't believe this is happening. Just feel horrible for her and I should have been more motherly, instead of clam and collected.

  • DJK

    Panic can often result in over reaction causing more harm than good.

    Remaining calm may be difficult for a mom when her child is hurt, but it's the best thing.

  • Mary

    Brooke, do NOT blame yourself. You are not a "horrible parent"----I think you're a very good mom who obviously adores her kids. Your daughter fell of the bars? Geeze, she must be the first kid who's ever done that. You need to go straight to prison. Do not pass 'go'. Do not collect $200.00.

    All kidding aside, this was an accident. You did not realize that her arm was broken right away, because if you did, you would have rushed her right to the hospital----so stop beatin' yourself up damn it!! Kids have accidents all the time. Hell, they wouldn't be kids if they didn't. I know that's painful thinking knowing that she might have to have surgery, but thank God we live in a day and age where they can do something about it.......Keep your chin up. Your daughter's going to be just fine.

  • ex-nj-jw

    You are not a horrible parent! I sent you my horrible parent story via PM.

    Your baby will be just fine and she will forgive you. Before you know it she be off to college and asking for money every other day.....uhm sorry

    Give her lots of hugs and kisses and tell you are sorry she's hurt. Ice cream helps too And for mom


  • mrsjones5
    Just feel horrible for her and I should have been more motherly, instead of clam and collected.

    How would it have helped your daughter if you lost your cool? I think you handled it very well. You're a good Mom.


  • jgnat

    You did everything right. Don't worry.

    My daughter ended up in emergnecy four times. Twice with greenstick fractures of her forearms, and twice for a concussion. For sure the nurses were looking at me funny.

  • Devilsnok

    The fact that you feel your a horrible parent and feel guilty speaks volumes. If you really were a horrible parent you wouldn't have these feelings brooke. Kids are always falling over or doing stupid things and getting hurt it's part of growing up.

    Feeling guilty shows you care.

  • Quandry

    I work in an elementary school. I see children with casts all the time. I was outside once when a boy fell off of something and broke his arm. I could see it flapping as the teacher (calmly) walked him inside to the nurse.

    I am sorry this happened, but growing up, many get scrapes, bruises, cuts, and broken bones. Just so it is taken care of properly now, so that it will heal correctly.

  • free2think

    Don't beat yourself up Brooke, you're a great mum and i think it was good that you stayed calm otherwise your daughter might have freaked out even more.

    I hope your little one recovers quickly.

  • MadGiant

    “Your daughter fell of the bars? Geeze, she must be the first kid who's ever done that.” Or the second or the fifth.

    She will be fine!

    Take care,

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