BOE letter: "presiding overseer" becomes "coordinator of the body of elders

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  • justhuman

    I'm still laughting with their expresion Jehovah the Supreme Overseer....WHAT A CRAP...WT IS A CRAP FROM THE DAY THEY STARTED

  • Gill

    Sorry to drag back on this but 'coordinates' does, I agree, mean of equal rank and importance.

    BUT a coordinator is 'coordinating' or organizing or controling or 'overseeing' that which he coordinates.

    It really means very little 'as usual' in Watchtower speak.

    They're just moving the deck chairs around as the 'Titanic' / Watchtower sinks!

    All the 'changes' are just distractions to the FACT that armageddon has not arrived and the rest of the pesky world is still alive! What a nuisance! And lo and behold, it's not that long till 2014! What has Christ been doing all these years, the JWs may wonder, especially as 2014 comes and goes and the worlds up and downs continue 'unaided' by God or anyone else!

  • ozziepost

    Round and round we go! This was exactly the reasoning when they introduced the "congregation coordinator" designation back in the 1970s. Then later it was changed back to presiding overseer and now we'll change back again.

    Oh dear, the light gets brighter and darker and lighter and.......

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    All this smacks of is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

  • ozziepost

    But at least the Titanic had live music while it went down!

  • sir82
    It has probably turned out the same with the "Pattersonized" POs that attended the "School" at Patterson. Come back with a newly polished halo and some irate bodies that have to listen to their "wisdom" and follow their "enlighted" direction.

    You've been sneaking into our meetings, haven't you?

    Oh God, don't get me started on our PO. My favorite moment: during an elders meeting, he solemnly tells everyone there: "When I was at the school, we learned how to determine how to determine who truly is a spiritual man. Do you know how you can tell? By the length of his prayers."

    The response to which was a hush followed by nods & murmurs of approval.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Snakes- Nice summary. I agree that any of these moves are being made to make sure control is not lost in the shuffle. Its all about setting up the structure to reduce liability while at the same time, making sure they have as much control as possible. I've had more than one CO tell me that their biggest headaches are with BOEs, not with the r&f. Sir82 - I guess your PO didn't read the Gospel accounts where Jesus was hammering the Pharisees for making long, pretentious prayers?? Funny, I was the chairman of a CA once and the CO specifically told me to limit my prayer to under 2 minutes. By the way, long public prayers has long been a pet peeve!!

  • still_in74
    Bound volumes to be eliminated.

    i ordered bound volumes and I got called "old-school" - I just like to have them cause if I were to print a flip-flop or discrepancy from the CD no JW would ever believe that it wasnt altered...

  • watson
    "When I was at the school, we learned how to determine how to determine who truly is a spiritual man. Do you know how you can tell? By the length of his prayers."

    Lord helps us, that still attend!!!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    james_woods, You make a great point. Someone else mentioned about how the new Family Study night is similar to the LDS Family Home Evening program. Actually, they would be a good model for the WTS to follow. They are a very high control religion just like JWs are. I've actually spoken with Mormon missionaries at my door and they agree that while the doctrines are different, they sort of view JWs as kindred spirits. If that's the ultimate goal, they would need to sink quite a bit into the infrastructure of the congregations. LDS has stuff for little kids, youths and adult programs that the WTS just doesn't seem to care about. I just spent a little time on their website and its much better than the WT website in setting forth their views. I don't agree with them, but I was impressed. They give the impression of being a mainstream religion yet I know they are even more controlling (no coffee comes to mind) than the JWs, they practice shunning as well.

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