BOE letter: "presiding overseer" becomes "coordinator of the body of elders

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  • M.J.

    So what was the original Greek term for "coordinator of the body of elders" again?

    (actually the word "overseer" pretty well conveys the meaning of episkopos , cf: acts 20:28, phil 1:1, 1 tim 3:2, titus 7, 1 peter 2:25)

  • garybuss

    1. To hold the position of authority; act as chairperson or president.

    1. One that is equal in importance, rank, or degree.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Billy - you forgot the postscript.

    Note to the BOE: If during any meeting of the Body, it is deemed appropriate to order a "Super Supreme" style pizza, the box should be relabeled "Pizza with sausage, olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, and two cheeses" - that way the pizza will not be considered superior to other pizzas in any way, and the BOE will not be reminded of any difference between pizzas that could remind them of stronger leadership that once existed when the coordinator was Presiding Overseer. In this way we can be humbly used by Jehovah to accomplish his will.

    What insanity. They are truly swallowing camels as stated.


  • ataloa

    Thanks, Billy. And horrible life, I always try to read your posts, you little tick licker.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    The watchtower world is a crazy merry-go-round. My head feels much better since I got off

    mine too...stock in pharmaceuticals probably went down when I got out...

    I was thinking about the last congo that I was an elder in. I affectionately disdainfully call it "Death Valley Midwest." This "change" changes NOTHING. The PO there is just a kid. His daddy used to be PO until he screwed up, now he is secretary again....after they booted me out. Its the daddy who runsthings...and will continue to run things.

    Snakes ()

  • Pahpa

    The Society usually has more reasons than usually expressed when making these organizational changes. My guess is that many of the POs were using their positions as a means of greater authority over the other elders. This probably was causing divisions within the BOEs.

    We're reminded of what happened when the information came out that COs were only elders equal to the other elders in the congregation. Some elders began treating these visiting COs with mild contempt. The Society had to retract the counsel and stress that COs were direct representatives of the Watchtower Society. It stated that COs should be respected with deference.

    No doubt, some of the POs will resent their lowered status. But such is the nature of corporations and businesses.

  • NewYork44M

    Information like this coming directly from the FDS clearly shows how close we are to the new order. The end is really really close.

  • jaydee

    Thanks Billy, any chance of a PDF of the letter ?

  • MissingLink

    I know some elders are going to love this. They can now smack down the overbearing previous overseer. He's not gonna like it. I wonder how many will step down or move congregations at least.

  • james_woods

    So, just a side thought - did the Governing Body follow suite? As in, the chairman or president gets renamed - or even better - the "Governing Body" becomes Jehovah's "Coordinating Body"; after all - all "rule" comes directly from Jehovah.

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