road to paradise (witness E-mail)

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  • undercover

    I can top that... (picture the guys in "Jaws" sitting around trading scar stories...)

    A Circuit Overseer is giving a talk on the importance of meetings. He holds up the Bible...makes us take note that he is using 5 fingers. He lets one finger drop free. He says he can still hold the Bible, but it's not as easy. He then drops another finger. He can still do it, but it's a little tougher on the remaining three fingers. He drops he's holding the Bible with just his forefinger and thumb. He says he still has a grip but he can feel the strain already setting in. What would happen if he dropped one more finger he asks....he lets his thumb free and the Bible falls to the floor. If we do the same with our meeting attendance then we'll end up the same...dropping out of the truth...

  • still_in74

    'No Problem man,' and gave him a 'five foot' plank and took
    him to the
    back of the store...

    Now in order for him to get into paradise he had to cross a cliff
    that was ahead that had a 'five foot' gap!

    well even the 5 foot plank would have fallen down a 5 foot gap so I guess the J-dubs are doomed anyway.... or they need to make it 6 meetings a week!

  • eyeslice

    It seems to me that in recent years meetings have become a joke.

    The society have steadily chipped away at the opportunities for any individuality by carefully crafting each meeting.

    Questions for the service meeting item are all scripted, the public talk reduced at 30 mins with instructions to closely follow the outline and the Watchtower study article clearly states which scriptures are to be read (the implication being the others are not important?).

    The road to paradise is no longer a gift from God but a set of instructions from the governing body.


    "Let us continue the fine fight."..........Why is everything "fine" with these people?..LOL!!.........Everyone know`s....The Road to Paradise is paved,with Dead JW`s!..................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • sooner7nc

    All the retards that complain about the use of cute little terms like Jehoober, Filthful and Disgusting Slave, etc. should be forced to read trash like this over and over.

    I find it so hard to beleive that I may have ever taken something like this seriously. Thank Goodness I know better now.

  • sacolton

    Sheesh. This is the trash that keeps their mind prisoner inside the tower.

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