Most JWs Don't Leave The "Truth" Even If They Recognize The Lie

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  • skeptic1914

    I read Christian Freedom, Coc and Gentile Times about 5 years ago. Opened my eyes. Became inactive but still went to meetings. Let the elders know I couldn't buy into 1914 anymore. They basically left me alone. I also let my two active children know that I didn't buy into 1914/1919/FDS anymore. They basically shun me even though I haven't been df'd or da'd. What's interesting is that my wife and I moved about 10 months ago and I hadn't been to a meeting for almost a year...until last week. The aloneless and lack of social life were causing me to reason maybe I'd be better off going to the Sunday meetings even I don"t believe most of what is said. I find it REALLY hard to sit through meetings where unscriptural or fairy-tale info is dispensed and a thoroughly indoctrinated congregation sits there soaking it all in.

    Having said that, I do believe there are many who DON'T believe it all and have come to the conclusion that much of what JWs believe is NOT "the truth" and yet still remain part of the group.

    Note to truthlover (I think that's the alias): I still believe Jehovah is God. In fact I believe a lot of what I learned as a JW, mostly moral priciples. The things that I can't swallow have to do with the org glorifying itself, really putting itself between mankind and the Father as the necessary ingredient for salvation. Also the concept that what I DO will "earn" Jehovah's approval and secure my salvation. When I hear these things at a meeting it's like fingernails on the chalkboard.

    The bottom line is: I don't want to make believe I am a part of this org. but I find I lack what it takes to go it alone. Have been to other churches BTW but doubt I could ever fully embrace membership.


  • WTWizard

    I recognized the lie after less than 2 years as promises were not fulfilled. However, for the sake of certain families in, I decided to stay in so they could have some semblance of stability. Once the hounders yanked that out from under me, I had nothing left to stay in for. So I slithered out.

    Hopefully, when the roundup/recapture program comes this spring, they will be too busy placing wastes of paper for the 2009 REJECT Jesus Campaign (or that I can waste their time and effort so they get even worse embarrassment for the 2009 drive than they did in 2008.

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