What radio do you listen to?

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  • CountryGuy

    I have a subscription to Sirius... I love it.

    The local stations in Little Rock suck and play WAYYYYYY too many commercials. Sirius' music channels are commerical free.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I had given up on radio until I discovered college radio and 103.1. Indie radio 103.1 plays whatever. No format. They have some very interesting DJ's. Joe Escalante from the Vandal's does the morning show. Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols does the noon show. Timothy Olephant does the sports. And believe it or not, David Lynch does the weather. You can streamline it at http://www.indie1031.fm/



    I know many Americans will refute this, but 1050 CHUM (Toronto) was and is the oldest Top 40 AM radio station in North America.

    I used to listen to FM, but most of it irritates me, so I am listening to AM radio again.

    Anything I like or find being played on CHUM-AM - I just go out and purchase (CD/vinyl).

    This is what I've been listening to for a long while.

  • Jringe01

    When I'm in the mood for dance music then I listen to iPartyRadio.com

    Otherwise i don't listen to radio. If i want news I pick up the Economist or check out BBC online

  • crapola

    Hey ther Sooner, KYNZ Oldies Station in Ardmore rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flipper

    Usually one that plugs in or runs on batteries

  • RubaDub

    When Howard Stern moved to Sirius, Mrs. Rub a Dub bought me a Sirius radio for our anniversary. Now I can't imagine listening to commercial radio on a regular basis again.

    I have the best wife !!!!!

    Rub a Dub

  • junctions-wife

    Mostly country radio here.


  • cab1000

    I love my Sirius. Although I like to hear Bob and Tom in the morning on Q95 (the local feed has to be the best! ).

    Then its Hot Jamz, Octane, Hits One, Lithium, Raw Dog Comedy, Blue Collar Comedy, Back Spin, Prime Country. Sirius Rocks!

    Bubba the Love Sponge (on Sirius) on the way home from work.


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