What radio do you listen to?

by Preston 18 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Preston

    Talk radio? XM? Country?

    - Preston

  • Hope4Others

    Mostly Fm Stations, I have a XM hooked up and have never used it, time to cancel I think..


  • Beep,Beep

    Classic Rock.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I like to listen to a local AM station, http://www.570news.com/ in the morning it's talk radio, with listener call ins, talking about anything and everything, local, regional, world wide events etc. They usually feature authors etc in the afternoons. I like Rock/alternative rock and listen to this station mostly, http://www.fm96.com/home/default.aspx, like this one too if I want something a bit harder, plus they have a really really good morning show, keeps me laughing on the way to work http://www.edge.ca/


  • sooner7nc

    Dallas Fort Worth area: 97.1 The Eagle, Hard rock

    102.1 The Edge, Alt. rock

    820 WBAP, Talk/News

    570 KLIF, Talk/News

    When I go home to Southern Oklahoma, nothing. All their stations suck.

  • Preston

    Most of what I listen to is:

    www.ktar.com for opinion

    www.npr.org for news

    and my one guilty pleasure... Leykis in the afternoon... http://www.971freefm.com/pages/4096.php

    - Preston

  • free2beme

    Pretty much the free radio, refuse to pay for it. I am not real in to listening to any music. I will more then likely not have my radio on, when out. In the morning though, I listen to Bob and Tom.

  • blondie

    NPR or the local PR station, news, talk shows, some classical, and BBC news (the only way to get global news)

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    in the morning on the way to work I listen to NPR via KCRW. Other times I listen to 103.1 or 89.9.

  • johnny1980

    XM, can't get away from it, not that I want to :) - But if I feel like a good club mix on a Friday afternoon I listen to www.gaydarradio.com out of the UK. Love it!

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