Big JW mutiny in the Vancouver BC area!!

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I remember when the Witnesses only had KHs. Assemblies were in rented venues. A. must not be so imminent if they have invested capital in large halls or did the regular people purchase them?

    The problem is anyone with the guts to say something meaningful to the GB or any official would not be a Witness in the first place.

    I see how my college educated NY self is treated in a PA lower middle class area. They are so deferential and don't know how to assert themselves properly. The Witnesses are incredibly more deferential.

    The people here would complain to an official. But we are not on the official site if you notice.

    I wonder if the big kahuna making these decisions knows how much money is involved. Since Witnesses are encouraged not to work or have low paid jobs, it is a big strain. I recall going to a convention in NOvia Scotia in junior high. It was stunningly beautiful as was Maine. Local people rented out rooms. We slept on a stranger's floor. I would never do that now. My father refused to feed us that trip. The convention food was good! Believe it or not, I loved convention food as a kid. I can recall seeing the sister's prepare the food. Maybe Jehovah does watch out for Witnesses. It is a wonder people did not die from botulism or some other food illness. The trays were dunked in lukewarm water to clean. Yuck! I felt so grown up. In fact, I could think of nothing finer to do with my time than being a food sister when I was old enough.

    When I was old enough, I wasn't at meetings. Sometimes I paused from the accumulated yuckiness of the Witnesses and find the culture and my kid self so funny.

  • WontLeave

    I live in - by far - the largest city in the state, but the Society got a better deal 2 hours away in a city 1/5 the size. So, thousands - if not tens of thousands - of people have to foot the time and the bill for the travel, room, eating out, etc. rather than being able to attend in their home town which has more than adequate facilities. So, to save the Society a few bucks, the very people they get all of their money from have to shell out a few hundred extra dollars just to go and be told how they aren't doing enough and owe all glory and salvation to the "faithful and discreet slave".

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