Baby High Heel Crib Shoes....

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  • watson
    It looks dumb.

    The look just isn't complete without silk stockings with the seam....

  • yknot

    Interesting watson!

    Never knew any man but gay men to notice female footwear.

    As a girl I never consider high heels anymore then pretty footwear that made you taller or looked like the princess shoes in Disney movies.

    Actually I only wear heels when I am vacuuming (childhood throw back), or when I want to make an equality statement to men my husband.

    And most of the shorter women (4'9-5'3) I know who wear them daily do it to make them appear taller too.

    The pink shoes in the picture remind me of Minnie Mouse's.

    And yes my cousin dresses her two other daughters dolls.... very boutiquey... with matching jeweled hair clips, bows and jewelry.

    She bought something similar for her daughter on they Pre-K trip to the butterfly farm


  • watson

    Ok Ynot, have fun with this....

    Hilare!! I just love your post. You!....

    And no, I'm not gay.

  • yknot

    I didn't think you were.....

    What can I say... I rarely ponder the male mind....

    I appreciate your comments.

  • watson


    What a precious little one there, ynot.

  • GentlyFeral


    How soon do you let her wear masquera?

    How old should she be when can wear lipstick?

    When should you allow her to bare her midriff?

    Dude, didn't your daughters ever play dress-up? Buy little plastic high heels? Buy and wear (and then eat) candy "lipstick"? Is that "sexualizing" little girls? I did all that and was a virgin when I married.

    Odds are this sweet little tyke will pull the shoes off and try to eat them.


  • watson

    I hear you Gently. Just a little protective of our little ones....girls or boys.

  • lisavegas420

    I would buy a pair for certain people's children, that would "get it" as a joke. I like 'em. I think these are way cuter than those pacifiers with the big teeth.


  • mrsjones5

    I think it's funny. The baby doesn't care and won't remember.

  • hot mama
    hot mama

    I think it is just about the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I mean really. This is so far out there that I don't even know what else to say.

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