Another guilt trip Watchtower this past Sunday.

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  • easyreader1970

    I won't go into the article as a whole because it's discussed in another topic here.

    But I truly despise the way that the Watchtower tries to guilt or frighten people into going out in field service.

    Not only will Jehovah kill that person (unfairly) if you don't preach to them, but he'll kill you too!

    It seems to me that it would be more effective to encourage people using some positive means instead of threatening them with execution.

    Everyone seems to think it's okay that a deity would be so spiteful.


  • blondie

    Actually, I think most jws put in the minimum time to assure their own survival. I don't think they try that hard to save anyone else except immediate family, mostly children.


  • NewYork44M

    Why do they use guilt?


    Because it works.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I am grateful to The Slave for continuing to make clear what "current light" is re: who will survive Armageddon. When I first showed my daughter the 1989, Sept. 1 Watchtower single-sentence bomb shell, she actually said "Well that was a long time ago."

    I had a little post-Watchtower Study review with her, and she agreed that "only JWs will survive" is the current light.

    So thank you to the boys in Writing for keeping it hard core.


  • Number1Anarchist

    I feel sorry for the people who still have to go! I'm off that Horseshit merry-go-round !

  • cameo-d

    The New Handbook has all the answers.

    Some will die because they don't accept the new system; but it also seems to say that those who are spared will just have to go live somewhere else.

    It is proper, in light of the above explanation, to address the great as yet unspoken concern about what to do with the over population when this is solved. First of all, there will be a loss of many lives in the chaos that will ensue. Certainly not 5+ billion, but those who refuse to accept the truth will slow down the paradigm project’s manifestation. The longer it takes to manifest, the greater the loss of life. Those who refuse to hear and accept after the project completion will be given the opportunity to come into balance in other situations; in other words they will live elsewhere, however this time with full knowledge and accompanied by records.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    They are masters of implied guilt

    guilt for not going out to save other peoples lives and you know the time of the end is near,

    you want to meet with God's approval don't you and live in Paradise or be destroyed at Armageddon its your choice of course

    but remember there is little time left in this system of things, this gets played out over and over again at every meeting

    This was the tactic used for decades to keep the literature circulating which kept the cash flowing in.

    Hasn't really changed much has it

    fear and gult quite the combination when you think about it

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    It is good to keep in mind exactly what the Watchtower organization is. The Watchtower is an international publishing corporation that has seven million empolyees who serve as their sales representatives. The Watchtower organization does not really have anything tangible to offer its members at present; so they use guilt as the "stick" of motivation. The proverbial "carrot" is the future paradise earth that may or may not be attained by the individual member - it all depends on their performance.

    When an religious movement is founded upon the foundation of exclusivity (whereby salvation depends on membership); guilt inducing tactics become not only necessary; but desirable on the part of its leadership. The level of guilt that is felt by individual members is then viewed as a measure of their spirituality. This is a major aspect of cults; as was written about by Steven Hassan.

    It is truly a life of slavery when one must wonder whether their monthly report slips are pleasing to the God they work for. Will they suffer the fate of all of those worldly people as portrayed in the publication artwork? How about their inactive spouse or child?

    Not only must they accept this way of life, but they must suppress any negative thoughts they may have about such an arrangement; lest they be guilty of having a "prideful spirit", or "fault-finding attitude". Such a way of life is a perfect recipe for depression. And Watchtower leaders claim that so many members are depressed because of the stress of this world? What pathetic and self-serving rationalization.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Good one Jeremy

    A clear explanation of what the WTS. is all about

    Has it really change much from C T Russell's days , not really

    Thats the reason I left , I felt like I was being ham-shanked to push some literature that had no truth in it what so ever

  • independent_tre

    ^^^^^LOL @ "ham-shanked" Never heard that term..

    Weird thing is fear never motivated me, and is a poor way to motivate ianyone into action ( especially for long periods of time). I used to want to believe that JW's really didn't preach a message of gloom and doom, but that is exactly what it boils down to...

    ...I also simply had enough of the WT weekly guilt trips..every other magazine had you feeling like you weren't doing enough, but then the society put a spin on that and said people were feeling depressed because they thought they were not doing enough for Jehovah. So really it's a self-induced guilt trip - the slave had nothing to do with making people feel bad. What a bunch of self-serving......

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