C.O. Rumor True = Broadgauge Liars?

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  • metatron

    If this C.O. rumor is true, it's just more evidence that Watchtower leaders are deliberate, skilled liars. How so?

    We start with plans to sell off Brooklyn properties. They are planning ahead until 2020. Yet, they assert that they End is Near as a fact! To make such plans while offering such endtime assertions is blatant deception.

    And the reason for the C.O. change? Preparation for persecution? Another blatant lie. The end of C.O.'s saves them money and reduces their liability.

    Someone, somewhere had to invent this sort of spin to explain away the end of the C.O. arrangement to cover over the real reasons. This is deliberate, crafted lying.....

    ........if the C.O. rumor is true.


  • rebel8

    In some cases I think they honestly think whatever pops into their minds is jehoho's inspiration. Families find it hard to attend 3 meetings per week, bros start thinking it'd be better to have just 2, oh! Must be jehoover at work.

  • minimus

    Aren't COs supposed to be what the early congregation had in apostolic times? Isn't it all Bible based? To stop that goes against following in Jesus' disciples footsteps.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty
    And the reason for the C.O. change? Preparation for persecution?

    You must be kidding, this getting prepared for persecution has been going on for decades

    The masters of spin are at it again

    Cowering back into their dark hole seems to more like it !

  • Dagney

    They are a business, have always been a business. All decisions ever made were for the ongoing benefit of the business.

    Their concern has never been how they can help the flock, it has always been how the flock can support them.

  • sf

    If, the rumors are true, why don't you all rise up, like you do here, and demand answers? Straight from your leaders mouths. Not here.

    Why pose your questions here? Wouldn't it be more prudent to go directly to WTBTS?

    Imagine WTBTS being bombarded by ACTIVE JWS demanding to know what is really going on? That it is apparent that WTBTS does not see the end in sight. Quite the contrary, as is evidenced, if not in rumor only.

    It is your right, as a dedicated, baptized member, to know what is going on in YOUR organization. (Although many do not understand how WTBTS and jw "religion" are not truly one in the same...{lurkers: much research and homework will help you grasp this, in full). So swallow your fear and grab your pride (for lack of a better term). You can do it!

    Write them, call them, Ask them. Let us know how it goes.


  • shamus100
    It is your right, as a dedicated, baptized member, to know what is going on in YOUR organization.


    Jehovahs Witnesses having rights.... oh, I've got to go pee.

  • sf

    Okay, re-reading that line IS funny.

    Yet, you get my drift.


  • Gopher

    S.F. --

    I'm not an active JW, I'm on their files as Disfellowshipped.

    So... knowing that the boards are monitored by JW heavies, sometimes the best I can do is expose them here (and to my friends and relatives in real life).

  • yknot

    oh but the GB & FDS would never lie.....

    So this means the 'end is nigh' frenzy is 'food at the proper time'......Probably to 'refine' the wayward R&F into obedience.

    According to Tony Morris, GB since 2005:

    Rev 14:5....no falsehoods are found in their mouths", they are without blemish.... all the GB body are genuine annointed men.

    The doctrines are pure, based on teachings of Christ and rest of scripture. Without blemish, not blemished by this ungoldly wicked system.

    Jehovah God trust the faithful slave.

    He, Jehovah God enabling the anointed

    ~ DC 2007

    It is not lying....it is all about who is 'entitled' to know whole truths ..... R&F are usually only 'entitled' to just a smidgen of truth.

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