How are they convinced that armageddon is around the corner???

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  • milligal

    The tax thing is a great point, I hadn't thought of that, I knew about the God putting a hook in the jaw of ...was it Satan, or the governments? Anyway, yes I think some of them are stupid enough to buy into an idea that social/cultutral revolution CAN happen overnight, when in fact it can't/won't/it's wishful thinking so they can be right and demolish all of us wrong people.

    heathen-I gotta tell you-they are nowhere NEAR being persectued as much as they like to whine about. This was one epiphany that I still can't get over. Schools in the US don't even have 'Christmas' celebrations (the majority that is) they have 'holiday' celebrations, and this year my 4th grade son will not be having any celebrations because the schools are trying harder and harder to please everyone. People with traditional christian lifestyles are bending over backwards to accomodate other lifestyles including Jewish, Mexican, Buddhist, etc. and the JW's are benefitting from it. I'm afraid they haven't had cause to bitch and whine since the 1930's and 1940's and they still can't stop talking about it.

  • Aculama

    Many cults use fear to control people, but perfect love casts out fear. Control freaks have always used government or religious institutions to control people. But Jesus isn't comming for fear and hate mongers, He's comming for his friends. I believe you don't have to worry about something once you have given it away. So if I give my life away by loving and caring for others and just wait on the Lord, they can't control me with their dark and gloomy fear smear. Armagedon is for them, not me. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    I didn't mean to preach please forgive me. I just hate to see people contolled by other people and that's what they try to do in a lot of churches (not all) and cults. They also try to physically seperate people from the "world" in order to conrtol them. Anyone can go door to door with a speech and catch an occasional sucker, but a daily life lived without hypocracy will tell me more than anything. Anything that can't stand up to reasonable questions from a sincere heart can't be much. I think that's why they witch hunt for anything that will keep the chickens out of the yard and in the coup. Keep them afraid and bunched up. We are in the world (physically) but not of the world (spiritually).

    There I go preachin' again, sorry. God bless you!

  • heathen

    I would think that anytime a religion has the government shut them down for printing pacifist material during WW1 , is good cause to say they are not well liked . Since then tho probably not so bad with the persecution unless another war starts up that they speak out against and won't support . They were locked away in WW2 as well but the printing presses kept rolling , they didn't support the draft either.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    Steven Hassan (author of Combatting Cult Mind Control) states that one of the core characteristics of the cults he has studied is that they view themselves at the center of the universe. All cultic religious groups believe that their revelations will draw some form of resistance from the outside world or governments.

    David Koresh had taught his adherents that the U.S. Government would launch an attack on them long before the Waco standoff. The Reverend Moon of the Unification Church told his followers that they were being persecuted in the media due to Satan trying to thwart their work.

    The Watchtower has been convincing it's members that they will be uniquely persecuted for decades. The impending sense of doom is a major driving force in maintaining high meeting attendance within the organization. It is a wonderful motivational tool. It also serves the organization well when they must explain why they are making major changes due to drying up resources.

    What the Watchtower fails to comprehend is that they are not viewed as a threat in most countries. Look at how the world responded to their "False Religion" tract back in 2006. The world gave a collective yawn. They are viewed as just an amusing religious sect that passes out Bible literature. They are not a source of concern to most of the world. No one at the U.N. is plotting a conspiracy against them; and no one out there in the world is losing sleep over them.

    The Watchtower organization is like a paranoid meth addict who sits nervously in his appartment and believes that all of the government agencies are spying on him.

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