How are they convinced that armageddon is around the corner???

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  • milligal

    I just read another thread about the CO changes and plans for upcoming persectution. Here's what I don't get:

    I can speak for America and say that out constitution is based on religious freedom-this is the same constitution the society hides behind in all of their 'champion' court cases where they defend their right to go in the door to door ministry. This country is SOOOOO far from turning against ANY religion, that we are even allowing terrorist religions to remain as long as they don't act against anyone (please no thread hijacking about that : ).

    HOW in god's name do the JW's think the government is going to turn against religion and start persecuting them, and armagedon is to follow -right 'around the corner'????

    My family court judge who oversees my post divorce case won't even discuss religion in the courtroom for fear he might trample on the constitution. We are nowhere NEAR the contemplation of turning against relgion.

    Can anyone explain to me what the most recent explanation for this JW anomaly is? I've been out for almost 8 years now and apparently I've lost the juju or the force or whatever it is they use to foresee world events....

  • buffalosrfree

    Possibly it TAXES, they are scared they may have to pay their share and if they do, they will call it persecution. Persecurtion is what they call it whn anyone has an opinion different from theirs. Your opinion doesn't count just theirs. So basically it opinion based confrontation or lack there of that they call persecution. they haven't got a clue.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    I do believe that Armageddon is coming, how soon?? I don't know,...... but I don't believe its coming in the way that the WTS teachs.

  • jaguarbass

    The JW's are just like George Bush the only way they can control their constituency is by fear.

    The only way politicians can rule Amerika is by fear, for years it was the Soviet Union, Now W. created a boogie man calle Osama Bin Ladin who W. is hiding and keeping safe so he/ the republicans can rule by fear. We can pull Sadam Hussein who had noting to do with 911 out of a hole but we cant find Osama the master mind? They call that bait and switch.

    While the American people are in fear, W. is picking their pockets for his Buddies like Haliburton and the arms and weapons manufacturers.

    The Wactower is the same way, they create fear, a boogie man, armegeddon then they fill it by calling themselves the ark that will save you. You have to go to the meetings to get into the ark. Each time you go to the meetings and read their litterature they put their spell, brainwashing, and control on you.

    So at the top they probably dont believe in Armegedon, but they do believe in living and preserving their comfortable life of ease and for them to maintain that it is necessary for you to believe armegedon is around the corner. If you dont believe it, someone has to believe it. Or the gibbering body will end up working at Circle K.


    Armageddon is so close.....Some JW`s won`t buy Green Bananas!..LOL!!...........Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    JWS are psychologically convinced on the impending Armageddon and persecution by virtue of repetition

    just about every meeting they go to mentions in some way or another how god's true faithful followers will be persecuted before Armageddon arrives.

    Its a controlling fear factor to keep the faithful actively promoting their literature and cultivate new converts to the organization.

    You might say that implied fear is the catalyst that keeps them working and zealous with anything that has to with the organization.

    Its like perpetual motion, one is brought in with fear to only have that individual to bring in more.

    Their ever present we are living in the end times bullshit that they derive from the bible is just that bullshit, simply because everything quoted in the bible

    as the signs were present in biblical times, literally everything and for the past 2000 years, something the coverts cant seem to rationalize

    or perhaps accept that there were bullshitters even in ancient times, telling grand stories.

    Ignorance can easily be propagated as we know whenever there is FEAR around.........isn't that right

  • heathen

    clearly it is one religion that does get it's share of persecution so expecting it to get worse is not completey without presidence . The Russians , the french ,communists, now in georgia ,rowanda , of course the muslim nations don't like them .They do get crapped on allot in the US , mainly because they don't join the military or celebrate holidays .The holidays of course are big with the commerce part of the world and people buy allot of crap that is deemed necessary to end recessions or some such non sense .

  • mustang
    Possibly it TAXES, they are scared they may have to pay their share and if they do, they will call it persecution.

    Armageddon to the WTS, maybe?

    Amplifying on buff's thought:

    I recollect that Rutherford declared something on the order of "OK 2 pay them, but not one cent we don't have to" about taxes; then Knorr came in, doing a McNamara style reorg/streamlining/. I think they discovered the "non-profit org" scenario about then. They've gotten real used to it. You can make a very nice "money engine" if you qualify on that one.

    Yeah, they would choke if that rug got pulled out from under them. That's why they started doing bizarre things like the amicus curiae for the California preacher getting taxed.

    On that score, the late Dr. Gene Scott (Assemblies of God) had been fighting similar battles for a long time. But he took the other tack: his Dolores Press PAYS the taxes. Those books are pricey; but they are often unique intellectual items.

    What about that whopping 60% tax thing in France? In the US, you couldn't pull that; but under Napoleanic Codes the state trumps whatever it likes. Don't know how that will turn out...

    As some wag once said "follow the money"...


  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    If I were still an elder I would say that God is going to put it into the hearts and minds

    of the nations to get the thing rolling.


  • billie jean
    billie jean


    that's hilarious

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