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  • billie jean
    billie jean

    I don't mean to sound crude but ive always wondered what witnesses are allowed to do in their marriage (sex wise) only i always imagined that they wouldn't ever deviate from the 'missionary possition' and what about oral sex, is that allowed ?

    I spoke to an 'on the fence' old friend of mine a while ago he'd recently married and he said that a sister in their congregation had told his wife that anything other than 'missionary' was totaly out, he was angry at this statement and told me he thought it was "a matter of conscience"

    But i'm still curious !

  • UnConfused

    no oral, no anal, positions other than missionary are ok.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I have never heard of this "nothing but missionary thing", maybe it's regional??

    I remember having a very embarassing conversation with a newly married couple who were asking my husband and I whether oral sex was OK according to the society. OMG 3

    I do know a few JW's who had sexless marriages, at least initially due to hang-ups from a witness upbringing. Way to go starting a "sex thread" Billie Jean.

  • free2beme

    Missionary only and better not put anything near your mouth or your partners. Also, avoid anal .... considered very evil!

  • RAF

    Back to JWLAND nonsense,

    If the verse (don’t remember which one, maybe someone can put it here) they use to say oral sex is a NO NO (lost of seed LOL) well … it does not apply to women ... YEP !!! hummm

    But since they seems to care more about what a woman should do to be a good slave to her husband, they don’t bother making the difference. No for the man is no for woman too in this case … PFFFFFFFFFF.

    So at the end they come out with sex is for … Oh … but what is it for ? Not for fun ? … But there is a time for everything … NO ? But then I guess they can still say : not for what is due to God (seed – just like blood – since they can’t see what’s so material in there so called spiritual point of views). And What is "love" in all that (the joy to give some good time to the one you share also bad time with) … I ask NOT

  • daniel-p

    The Society has intimated throughout the years that any sexual activities that resemble what homosexuals would do (i.e. oral, anal) is morally wrong. It's one of those grey areas where they'd love to have some scriptural backing, but don't, and so can't say what they'd really want to say.

  • DaCheech

    you cannot kiss below the belly.

    and hands are not to go below the belly either.

  • JeffT

    This is one of those areas where the society plays a really great game with people's heads. The stuff in writing, which is what the public will see/hear says things like (paraphrased) "it's a conscience matter, but Christians will always keep God's standards in mind." The public, not knowing any better, will think that people can do what they want with their own conscience is a guide. Dubs will reinterpret the secret code words and understand that they are really being told "don't if you want to be sure you're going to live through the big A."

    And of course there's always an elder or two around who think it's their job to police every part of your life.

  • yknot

    Of course rarely does a JW ask themselves......What qualifications/ insight did Bro. Fred have to speak about marital sexual relations?

  • kurtbethel

    These are JW standards here, you might consider it would not be the missionary position but the PIONEER position that is acceptable.

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