Do we all have Nephilim Blood?

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  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Also, remember the context of Numbers 13:33

    These were the reports of scouts who "punked out," so to speak. They would not be averse to hyperbole.

    "Man, that other team had five seven footers! Even their water boy could bench 450!"

  • cameo-d

    In the Handbook for the new system it says (basically) paraphrase, that humans were an abandoned experiment and that the aliens we call "watcher angels" came down to help us. They mated with the women to try to fix the gene pool. Below are some quotes from the Handbook:

    They go on to say that there are some "genetically corrected" humans among us and they will soon present themselves as our "teachers".

    from the Handbook

    This trans-galactic shipment was not unobserved. Other advanced humans were aware of the scenario and have over the eons of time visited you. It became obvious that adaptation was not eliminating the genetic alteration. Thus a further experiment was begun.

    Your bible refers to visitors finding the daughters of men fair and mating with them. This was in hopes that the introduction of another gene pool into abandoned humanity would in subsequent generations eventually overcome the genetic alteration.

    If not, then the increased intelligence through the hybridization process might allow them to overcome the alteration through coming up with their own solution to the problem.

    From time to time the introduction of extra gene pool additions have been made through carefully chosen genetic matching. Progress has been made.

    However, the overwhelming result has been that the additional intelligence enhanced the aggressive tendency in many of the humans with the end result that aggressive tendencies within those not positively affected by the gene pool changes were reinforced with greater abilities to develop incredible applications of weaponry.

    They used the additional intelligence to organize to a high degree with the purpose of creating a hierarchy of power and control over the members of humanity on this planet that have evolved to a balanced genetic structure. Both of these negative results continue now.

    Arcadia....the forested PARADISE of mythology

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I'm very tall which comes from my Great Great Great Great Grandfathers side Goliath, who was murdered by some young Jewish thug many years ago.

  • mustang


    What is the source of this "handbook" that you refer to? Also, the refercne to Arcadia, etc.?


  • cameo-d

    Arcadia is another name for Paradise. This Handbook is all about attaining perfection by "becoming" balanced.

    Didn't one of the WT founders write a series called The Rainbow Books?

    I think Rainbow is a buzz word used here,too.

    here's another little blurb:

    As understood then and perpetuated now by manipulating governmental and "religious" leaders, indeed the "god thing" is a hoax.

    Within this branch of humanity, through the alteration of the dna/rna, the inner programmed desire for balance continued to resonate.

    It was subliminally known that the imbalance was brought about by outside forces, there was then an innate desire that the same outside forces should restore it. There was not conscious memory or records of any kind to indicate who or what had been the source of this imbalance.

    It was natural for the descendants of this branch of humanity to desire this correction from every outside/extraterrestrial visitor they came into contact with, benevolent or otherwise.

    This desire was converted over time into deification and worship with ritual religious dogma to support and spread it. The focus of these "religious" formats were both positive and negative, with each attempting to influence the other over time, or worse yet destroy each other.

    Though the benevolent beings have endeavored to teach the truth and explain each time, their lessons were soon distorted back into the religious dogma of looking for help from outside to rescue mankind from its problem.

    Knowing the truth and knowing what to do after the truth is learned is another matter.

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