Do we all have Nephilim Blood?

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  • cameo-d

    So they say that in the "beginning of the ages" there was a lot of in-breeding because the bloodlines were 'more pure'.

    When the nephilim came down and mated with the females, even after the flood, does this mean the bloodlines would have been 'more pure' as far as 50-50 nephilim DNA? Or maybe even a stronger concentration of Nephilim than human...maybe 80-20%?

    Psalms 58:3 The wicked are estranged from the womb. They go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies. Their poison is like the poison of a serpent.

    Could it be that these bloodlines were close to pure Nephilim?

    Some of the known Nephilim tribes were Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians,and Amorites. It seems that most of the Nephilim tribes "mixed with the nations."

    With that in mind, could it be that we all have a trace of Nephilim blood in our DNA?

    Is inclination to evil carried in the genes, embedded in the DNA?

    Has humanity been allowed to continue until the Nephilim DNA is so watered down we are now redeemable?

    Could there be one blood line that is "more pure" Nephilim than any other? Like the Merovingian blood line we hear about?

    Could this genetic proclivity be the reason we have struggled with good and evil within ourselves?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this.

  • Finally-Free

    My ex used to call me a nephilim.


  • cameo-d

    My ex used to call me a nephilim.

    Neanderthal, more likely.

  • yknot

    I thought all those particular naughty angels were cast into prison .......I believe in Peter, Chirst visits them in prison too after his resurrection.

  • Satanus

    So, we're part demon? Makes sense, i guess. There were supposed to have been some after the flood, too. Dick cheney must about 50 50.


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    hmmmmm....nope all the Nephilim were killed off at the flood.

    The demons that materialized as humans were not nephilim. Nephilim were the half demon - half human offspring that were the product of the demons making love to the female women of earth.

    It's hard to keep straight face typing this stuff...but there are millions of people who believe THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    I'd recommend not putting too much stock in to these fables of early man.

    The Oracle

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Several sources refer to the Nephilim as being sterile hybrids.

  • Hortensia

    fiction, it's fiction. Myth. Dna shows some really interesting stuff about human descent, but I haven't heard anything about nephilim being proven by dna.

  • DoomVoyager

    Weren't all Nephilim bloodlines eliminated in the flood? All living humans descended from Noah and his few family members?

  • slimboyfat

    Got some in the fridge. Want some?

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