Where did it all go wrong?

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  • LDH
    As Witnesses are regularly told not to serve with a date in mind,

    An older JW came to my door and when I questioned her about all the failed armageddon prophecies, she never denied them. She simply said the above.

    I agreed with her. Then I asked her with this in mind, if it was fair for the JWs to promise MILLIONS NOW LIVING that they would never die.

    She had about the saddest look on her face I've ever seen.

  • justhuman

    I agree with this post. Indeed after 1995 WT has changed a lot. The WT I knew(I became totally innactive in 2000) has a complete different face and look from the one that exists now.

    1.The seperation of the sheep and goats after 1995 nevered occured and it will be a future event. So from 1925 all that we preached regarding this was in vain

    2.Generation that supposed to see the end(somehow before 2000)ended. First it was understood that the generation was the ones seeing the events in 1914, and in 2007 are the annointed ones. This change has reduced the sence of emergency in the rank and file, although the leadership is still claiming that the end is near, and it is against education, while they buy and sell properties and planning for the far future

    3.The heavenly door that was closed in 1935(it was closed back in 1878 and open after 1914 untill 1935)has opened again, since the "remnant"is still increasing

    4.I was pioneer 90 hours(1992-1996), plus there was book study in homes

    Indeed WT changed a lot. The reason is simple. The leadership of this cult has FAILED...so they are shiffting to save their multimillion dollar bussiness. WT is run by lawyers, plus their message it is out of date.

    What the future holds for them, they will be a mainstream religion since this is the only way to survive

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