Do you believe in life after death?

by cameo-d 24 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I really really hope not. This life is miserable, full of back-stabbing, selfish oblivious souls who suck the life out of you and just don't give a shit while doing so. I'm sick of being victimized again and again. I'm just so tired.

    Since this life is so bad, why should I believe the next one would be any better?

    It won't be, odds are it'll be worse. With my luck, I'm sure it'll be worse.

    No I'm better off just dying, with as little pain as possible, feeling nothing -- just blackness and this failed and miserable experience called life can be over.

    The sooner the better.

  • Robdar

    It could be true but who knows?

    I think if you take care of this life, the next one will take care of itself.

  • Satanus

    Living incarnated in a semianimal body on this animal planet is like roughing it on a camping trip for 60 or 80 yrs. After this we go back to the cushy spirit side of things. That's my view, anyhow.


  • Honesty

    Do you think we go on in "some form"? Do you believe we will be brought back to life in a similar body? (Would that be reincarnation or just a single resurrection?)

    What are your thoughts on what happens beyond death now?

    And why? (do you go by gut feelings, hope, or scripture?)

    just as it is appointed for people to die once — and after this, judgment

    Hebrews 9:27

  • LockedChaos


    Firm Believer in
    life BEFORE death

    It's yours
    Rise up and live it

  • gymbob

    Sadly, no. I wish there was life after we die, but the real question is, "What chance is there of life after death?"

    Answer: Very little.

    Sorry, kind of a downer, uh? Gymbob

  • Satanus


    Saw my dead brother over there, for one thing.


  • cameo-d
    just as it is appointed for people to die once — and after this, judgment

    Shouldn't some advise the JC they are "ahead of their time'?

  • jaguarbass

    I think we go on after death.

    I lean toward believing in reincarnation.

    Probably based on gut feelings based on reading and exploring the meaning of life for about 45 of 55 years.

    I have problems with the biblical Christian experience and think that maybe it is a stepping or stumbling stone in our journey towards enlightenment.

    I think the fact that we are alive is a message to me that there is, if not meaning to life, at least hope that it goes on as sort of an amusement park ride.

    I don't fear hell or believe in hell, my feeling is that the next life will be life. It will probably be full of lessons and growing experiences.

    I suspect that we are spirits, parts of God, parts of consciousness, sons of God, Either it gets boring in the spirit world or having a physical experience is a pleasant experience. But we are spirits who take on or manifest bodies and come to the playground earth.

    It's like Disney world. Some rides are shorter some rides are longer some are more spectacular some are less spectacular. If you go on the Hamster/gerbil ride your back in heaven in 4 years.

    If you take the American Parrot ride its 104 years, the Elephant ride is 70 years, The lion ride 35, The Butterfly ride is 2 weeks, the housefly ride last 15 to 30 days. The male human ride in the USA can last 75 years.

    I also think that those of the bible thumping Christian persuasion will probably go to a place like heaven or hell until they figure how to reincarnate out of that. I'd almost bet those of the Republican variety have an appointment with Louis Cypher, which they will probably enjoy. Maybe, their next life will be in a place like Baghdad 2006.

    I think atheist that believe in no God and only evolution very possibly will be eternally dead when they pass on and they will be correct of their assessment and prophecy. To bad no one will get to tell them. They would never believe they were missing anything, anyway.

    It's got a lot to do with quantum physics and scientist observing matter in 2 places at the same time. I suspect what you believe could be most important when you die.

    It's also got a lot to do with the fact that everyone sees and believes what they want to see and believe.

    That explains the wide variety of opinions, unless you choose to call it ignorance and stupidity.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes, I do. I have had encounters with "ghosts" or some kind of invisible unseen being. I know something besides us exists and is intelligent.

    Does what we do only count for now? I believe what we sow we reap here on earth. Afterwards? I've read some interesting books and one idea I found sensible is that upon death, we go into debriefing and rehab. We are confronted with the good and bad that we did here. And some of us will have varying amounts of community type service on the other side.

    I believe in Universalism. Yes, in Universalism, eventually even wayward angels and the most evil of humans find their way back to God/love, but our choices here on earth do have ripple effects, good and bad.

    We should make good choices because we love each other and nature. We should make good choices because we don't want to do harm. Our choices should not be influenced by fear of retaliation from God. We do well and we bumble. We sometimes make selfish choices, but we learn as we go. Some will have a lot more healing and reconciliation on the other side of human death.

    It's funny to read what fundamentalist types write about how "dangerous" Universalism is. They don't like Universalism because it respects the intelligence and heart of people and angels to come to the right decisions eventually, whether on this side of death or the other side of life. To know we have this kind of freedom lifts a burden from us, but it also places the responsibility to do what's right squarely on each of us. It's not up to God to force you to do good things. He knows you're going to gain more by living and learning.

    And if you don't believe this, it's okay. What ever you believe is part of your own life's journey. We are all on unique journeys.

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