Did you BS alot when you were a dub?

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  • wobble

    Not quite sure if you mean B**L S**T or Bible Study, I did both .I found though that WT appreciation of Scripture was very immature and sometimes downright silly,so I used a lot of independant commentaries etc. which partly is what led me to JWD and my present fade.



  • chickpea

    i am with gregor on this.....

    every time i stood at a door and regurgitated the party line
    i was flinging the caca as far as it would fly.......

    everytime i reiterated the inane thinking about holidays
    to reinforce the prohibition for my kids, i was knee-deep in crapola

    on and on and on

  • asilentone

    wobble, I mean "B**LS***T

  • asilentone



    This really is a funny Thread!.....It deserve`s a bump!.....................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Hope4Others

    Can't say that i ever did that...lol


  • Aculama

    I am currently working with youth that are used to putting up a b.s. front. From the looks of things they learned it from the parents. They jump through religious hoops so that they can gain spiritual and group acceptence. You ought to see the look on their faces when I'm sincere about myself or I confront them about their b.s.

  • LoverOfTruth

    No. I believed it was wrong to lie.


    Yes... At every door I visit! At the hall, when I told everyone how wonderful it's to be here. Maybe that is why I feel much better be out of the BS.

  • FuzzyPaul

    Umm yeah.

    I was told at the K-Hall that "we know that only Jehovah's Witnesses will be saved" and survive Armageddon and so-on


    we were taught to answer the question "Do Jehovah's Witnesses think that they are the only ones who will be saved?" WIth a "Only God Judges" "sincere people ought to believe in their choices ..." and many other two-faced explanations.

    Their are numerous such two-faced explanations with them. Lying to cover-up aspects of JW life and belief is part of the program of instruction. Read the Watchtower's instructions on how to lie through a custody battle in court - under oath! Or how one must lie in a courtroom under oath, or go to jail for contempt if need be "to protect the organization." That "protecting" is usually over a case where a JW is on trial or under investigation for molesting a child or some other heinous crime.

    Apostle Paul wrote to kick the sinner out to protect the Congregation - not lie to cover up the sin to protect the appearance of some sorry false faced, ill-humored, no-part-of-the-world closet residing, ivory tower dwelling, cloistered bethel home infected, self-infatuated, over-reaching, man-made elder arrangement of Governing Body buddies, secret hand shaking, organization.

    WIth seriousness I say this - I am So Sorry for my sins of falsehood that I knew the Watchtower taught me and I understood as such. I am sorry that I went to people trying to make them a believer and teller of lies.

    I have no regrets to be out of the borg.

    Too many things never matched the scriptures. But I am a Baptist now and am feeling much, much better about myself !


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