Do the Witnesses ever help anyone (link)?

by easyreader1970 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • eyeslice

    When the witnesses do help out it is always self-congratulatory. They like to trumpet their activities, think that in some way that in itself brings glory to God.

    They seem to forget that Jesus condemned that sort of attitude in the Pharisees, instead recommending that acts of generosity be done anonymously.

    But then if they didn’t blow their own trumpet, what would they have to write about in the Awake I wonder?

  • Gordy

    I had a letter today from a fading JW friend. He mentions the Watchtower article on what JWS did after Katrina. This is what he wrote:

    BTW have you seen the Watchtower on New Orleans. I have a 25% share on a fishing lodge house on the Bayou 10 miles out of New Orleans and I know the area well. The witnesses are absolutly hated by the charity people there, they cannot stand them. They won't help in the general rebuilding, the brothers they help out are treated badly and they make a huge song and dance about everything - the Lutherens, Scientists and Catholics just get on with it and see it as helping the community. Biggest load of corporate BS is that watchtower

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