Bizarre Islamic teachings on masturbation

by The Nothing Man 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • mrsjones5

    Maybe too this is the reason they are so violent, pent up sexual frustration with no sign of release

    And why the sexes are kept separate and the women have to wear burkhas.

  • daniel-p

    Too bad God didn't know about the dangers of prostate cancer and how not ejaculating regularly increases risk.

  • LDH

    Well keep in mind we don't really know their masturbatory customs.

    For instance, here in the US, I can safely say very little 'energy' is used up by a man's hand in the act of masturbation.

    Now those wacky muslims, for all we know, they are required to do a Dance of the Seven Veils or some such prior to touching their Allah-blessed tool! LOL!

  • dawg

    Talk about terrorism! Man, i rather fly a plane into a building than stop that.

  • LDH
    Beyond the wife and slave woman all ways and means of sexual satisfaction are unlawful

    The same article talks about a man being able to have sex with only his wife and any women he owns. Same difference.


  • Gregor

    Goats don't count?

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I find it interesting, that despite, strict semen regulations, and ejaculatory rationing... also despite covering their womans heads and even faces at times. They are simply losing the overpopulation battle.

    For all the religious legislation, it doesn't matter. Even female mutilation, or what they call circumsicion in parts of Africa.Kids are still brought into the world despite, lack of food or warlike conditions. I think sexual gratificaton for the male as shown in the Koran's idea of heaven, shows a very chauvanist agenda, and where the spread of Islam by the sword,or through having a brood, is certainly an objective. Being allowed multiple wives seems to satisfy this criteria.

    In ironic contrast, the so called " Decadent West" with its porn and freedom and sucess, are being tremendously outbred.( Outnumbered)

    I think it comes down to cultural encouragement. Whether it be religious teaching, or government help.

    Multiculturalism,has in many cases, created white minorities,and is still doing so. To me,this doesn't make much sense,if we are becoming a minority,in worldwide population growth. It's cultural suicide, that must have it limits. Ask China, India, Saudi Arabia, what they think of it multiculturalism.

    I just don't think this concept, encompasses,the idea of integration and conformity the way it used to, and en masse,such things lead to segregation, and then,ghetto like areas. Take a look at Europe.

  • Gregor

    Great observation, Tyrone. I would only add that the cultural acceptance of suicide bombing tends to emphasize that they look at themselves more as a swarm of insects than a part of the human race. I think they are a continuing threat to civilization.

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