Did You Get To "Handle The Microphones"???

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  • frankiespeakin

    Also the non allowance or major reluctance to let sister run with the mics attached in most cases to a pole for extention,,, a repressed desire for the female to get on top and ride that sucker like she owned it,,while she cry's out outwardly or inwardly as the master and owner of inserted penis the celestial queen of love and seduxtion.

  • 2112

    I was put in charge of the suond system as I have my own PA etc. After a few years the 2 congregations (a shared hall) wanted to upgrade to a newer wierless system. I have many contacts and was able to get an awesome quote for a great quality system. It was 5 Shure SM58 mics,(2 roving and three on the platform), 5 Nady transmitters and recievers. The dealer was going to give it to us for cost since this was for a church. Well it turns out that another brother had mentioned that he could get a better system for less. It turned out that this guy sold this stuff so he was padding his own pockets. They went with his and as you probably guessed they paid $450.00 more for a Telex system with 3 mics. I told them they made a mistake and was told that I should not second guess Jehovah's dirrection. Like God gives a rats butt what mics you use.

    After the new mics were installed the first WT mtg was at the other congregation,where the brother who sold the mics attended. Well they were having problems and called me at home saying that I had to come and fix the problem. I told them it was easy, just send the crapy system back and get the one i arrainged for and the problem would be fixed. No that did not go over to well. Well I was told that it was my responsibility to fix this as I know sound systems. One elder even asked "What was I going to say to Jehovah when he asks me why I did not help the congregation?" I just said that I would ask him why he dirrected the congregation to buy a crappy system in the first place. Yes I went and got the system working, as our WT study was 3hrs.later, I just wated untill till then. Of course the system never sounded as good as even the older hard wired system but hey it was Jehoveh's choice.

  • cameo-d

    Now that you are out....does Karoke fill the void?

  • shamus100

    Nothing will ever fill the void.

    I went out and bought a sound system with microphones for my house... it just isn't the same.

    I'm thinking of going back, but by the time I"m good assosiation again, it will be 2040.

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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I was allowed to handle the microphones.

    I didnt care for it. I tried to avoid it.

    I prefered giving hour talks on Sundays.

    Actually they were 55 minutes back in the old days.

  • NomadSoul

    Hahaha I forgot about this ritual. I hated doing that chore. The way I got out of it was by accidently forgetting my jacket. You couldn't pass around the mics if you didn't have a full attire on.

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    Great clip usualusername

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    My life is so sad I found that clip in my faves list.....

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