Did You Get To "Handle The Microphones"???

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  • Satanus


    If they start that, i might even check out a meeting or two;)


  • drwtsn32

    Nothing cooler than being a mike jockey.

  • AGuest

    "And the word from the WTBTS to the women was:

    'Do NOT touch the microphone, no, do not even LOOK at it! For in the day that you touch it... your eyes are BOUND to be opened... and you are BOUND to become like the men... no, you will become even BETTER than the men... KNOWING... how to talk AND hold onto something at the same time... and we simply CAN'T have that!!"

    SA, of the "what-a-bunch-of-sexist-ignoramuses" class... on her own

  • zagor
    WHAT is the official WT reason why they do not let the sisters handle the mikes?

    sometimes I wonder meself...

  • garybuss

    I was amplifier adjuster a couple years when I was in high school. I also had the job of counting out the magazine orders from the weekly shipments and getting the roll memory out of the magazines so they would lay in the flat slots. After meetings I sold the magazines to the Witness door to door solicitors and made change from a cash drawer in the back side of the literature counter.

    We'd send in a literature order to the Society and they had a regular policy of adding to our orders and billing us for items they shipped. Sometimes the orders were very much inflated and we'd have large surplus stock of certain issues. We'd have to do our sales in the Kingdom Halls by going from person to person to ask if they could buy additional copies of overstocked issues.

    Later I did a very short stint as microphone pole boy. In fact that job ended my Kingdom Hall meeting attendance. I did the job one Sunday without a necktie. I was hauled in the back room and read the riot act by a twerp I didn't like on a good day. It didn't go over good. It didn't go over good, especially in light of the fact that I didn't like doing it in the first place. In my opinion, I was doing it as a favor to them.

    In my world, if I'm doing unpaid volunteer work, ya don't piss me off if ya want me to continue doing the volunteering. They did, and I didn't. Right about that time my 3 year old son and I were belly pushed away from a candy vending machine by Watch Tower security guards at a district assembly in Bismarck North Dakota. That ended assemblies for me.

    I'm glad the Witnesses were mean and pushed me out. They did me a favor. I was having a hard time leaving and they made it easy. I might have stayed at some level if they had been nice to me. They weren't and I didn't.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I attained to some of the highest ranking microphone privileges in Watch Tower Corporation.

    Someday I'll share some stories. But I'm afraid ceiling cat will turn me in to Hojovah if I say too much now.

    B the X

  • wobble

    One time in our hall a guy new to the "privilege" was on roving mike duty in the days when they had a lead(wire),he was in the centre aisle and took several answers from either side,turning the same way all the time,until the lead was wrapped around his ankles and he was staggering around like a drunk!

    Laugh! I almost turned in a field service report!



  • InquiryMan

    I was never a handyman. LOL ... And definitely i managed to blow up to microphone thing... Never longed to perform that task. We had a mike hanging on a long pole (right word???)... It was quite heavy, and I am not a strong man.... So when I tried to direct it at the sister sitting next to the window, I hit her head, and another time i started to shake, so the pole was almost making sounds from the vibration. It was quite embarrasing... So I was released of doing that pretty soon. I was not good at handling the sound system either... Did not like the technical stuff and got nevous when anyting went wrong. Those were the days. I loved being the literature counter boy though... Cause I am talkative and social and thus was able to get a small chat with everyone...

  • frankiespeakin

    Is that a Michro-phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    Do you see the symbology or sybolism here?

    I think the microphone use in the KH came be symbolic here for penis(erect not the floppy kind) and the pole can picture a very long slong but if free standing the male or in some case female with a very big clit with an erection. :p

    The fact that only brothers are allow to "Handle Them" shows a highly repressed homosexual enviroment,,,it just eekkks repression,, with sisters only touching them only when nessarry(repression of lending a helping hand only durring insertion and not much else), and not for any long durration and only in certain positions of submission,,pictures repressed longing for oral sex,,repressed masturbation,,and moral restrictions on postions favoring one type missionarry(no doggy stly, 69,etc...only nessarry for reproduction of the spiecies and not much else, and very little lusty sex allowed without guilt.

    What does anybody else see in this symbology repression, or some other Fruedian type of ideas?

    When we think of repression think in terms of our evolutionary past thousands of years ago when we were hunter gatherers and not subject to governmental and religous repression about sex.

    They say Frued had the idea that everything was related to sex, where as Jung went along with the importance of sex said that was not true always.

  • shamus100

    Too funny, frankinspeak.

    You were a nobody unless you touched those microphones... if you didn't comment, you were scum. Worse still, you could be a person who answered, but were considered 'bad assosiation', which was relative to what click was involved in your marking... even clicks marked other clicks bad assosiation... but god help you if you didn't answer.

    The worse were the DF'd people - usually made to sit in school #2 during the meeting. The sin bin, as I like to call it.

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