Shorter meetings for field service

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  • 88JM

    Doesn't everyone pretty much "round up" their time anyway? (especially pio-sneers)

    I don't think making the group 5 minutes shorter will show much on the reports.

  • blondie

    I remember an older regular pioneer sister would say, "We have wasted 5 minutes here, 12 people times 5 minutes = an hour lost in field service." Totally serious.

    I know jws that started their time the moment they went out their door until they talked back in...time meeting for FS included.

    Home to location for FS = 1/2 hour

    Meeting for FS = 1/2 hour

    Time before getting into car 1/2 hour

    FS = 45 minutes

    Stop for breakfast give waitress a tract = 1 hour

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Jehovah the Corporate mascot has determined that people need to get off the corporate asses and peddle more corporation goods to more doors instead of wasting time chit chatting about what the bible text for the day has to do with more corporation free service. Get out there and do your work you good for nothing slaves, and stop wasting corporate time on feel good coffee and donuts breaks and hit those doors and make those return visits. The Faithful and Discreet Slave has spoke so shut up and just listen and obey us!
  • Divergent

    OnTheWayOut: "Just let the pedophile pair up with the pre-teen..."

    LOL!!! Can't stop laughing!!!

  • mrquik
    Thanks for the clip sugglebunny. Very enlightening.
  • Quarterback
    it's about time (no pun intended)
  • Oubliette

    Well that's just dumb.

  • WTWizard

    How are you going to get it down to 5 minutes if you have stragglers? When I started, they insisted that 15 minutes was the time limit, and I succeeded in getting out under that limit a grand total of once.

    What usually happens is you will have a small group that arrives on time. Around 10 minutes later, you will get another group to join, and they have to be added. Usually 20 minutes late, someone else will straggle in and moan about how they don't feel like being out yet they are out anyways. Arrangements have to be reset, since those latest comers always want to mess with already in place arrangements. By the time prayer is said, it can be 30 minutes after, and we don't even reach the territory until 45 minutes late.

    And leaving the late arrivals in the cold does not work, since they always want to tyrannize someone (that was on time, and already had a partner). To add, I wonder what would happen if I were to make a rule "Seven minutes late, and I am gone" when no one shows up. Not only would someone show up 8 or 9 minutes late to ruin that, but the person whose house is used for this always insists on waiting a few minutes more--which adds up. It could easily be 15 or 20 minutes late, and still they insist on wasting the whole morning. So much for simply leaving people out if they are late in showing up.

  • Oubliette
    When they get down to ZERO I'll start attending again! ... lol
  • _Morpheus
    i will counter WT wizards experiance with mine.... i too made it a point to say "we are gone within the allotted 15min" and i stuck to it.... the net result...? few showed up on time and most just meet us in the territory. its a waste anyway you look at it. a 5 min meeting just isnt worth peoples time and never will be. They will rightly ask themselves: what am i missing...? and the answer is: nothing. why not save a trip and drive strait to the territory...?

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