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  • jakmarx
    I wouldn't worry about it--it's an intelligence thing. Brits are not quite as bright as North Americans. In fact, I hear they show The Simpsons and Family Guy over there, but they have to get actors to voice British accents and dumb down the dialogue a bit.

    LOL not even worth a retort.

    I do like the idea of a british homer.. that would be funny.

    I definitly agree, the american version of the "office" isnt dumbed down in any way. at all.

    /subtitles for american audiences/ *Im being sarcastic by the way*

    This guy sounds like a nob.. you get them in most countries. Just nice to see we have deported this one:)

  • nomoreguilt

    I have a tendency to see RED flags go up whenever a man starts flattering with my wife or any woman for that matter. My ex's family were brits and I had alot of interaction with them across the pond. Although their sense of humour is a bit wry they are still males and also think with the OTHER head.

    I don't like flattery never have, it's cheap . There is some reason why he has no friends and his brit sense of humour won't go far with North Americans, even the Canucks will see past it.

    If I were you, I would keep him at arms lenght and on a short leash when it came to be around my family. Just because he's your neighbor doesn't mean you have to have him living in your pocket. And your kids? Big NO NO there!!! Anyone can be a pedophile, even that flattering overly condescending chap from the mother country.

    My opinion.


  • nelly136
    But then he and his wife came here the other day with cookies for kids, bottle of wine and flowers for my wife.

    some brits do this as a way of thanking you in advance for your hospitality, eg you get invited to dinner or go to visit and you take wine and a bunch of flowers etc. bettings are his wife will have picked the flowers out for your missus.

    garages here caught on a long time ago that if they put flowers on the forecourts they can flog em to the afterthought geezers when they fill up their cars. if he started sneaking flowers round to your missus without his wife knowing thats the time to worry.

  • gloobster
    Just remember, he is from Essex which is the territorial equivalent of a mispelled tattoo.

    I've just asked my British friend what Essex is like.

    Her reply was, "OH GAWD! I've never been there and I don't wanna go! That's where Sharon and Tracy are from, and they're all uneducated and stupid!"

  • jgnat
    Whatever it is - just give back as good as they dish out, and you'll be ok.

    I gotta guess with male humor, and british to boot. But I'd think this is the best response, whatever his intent might be. How about a hearty laugh on your part, along with a hearty punch to the shoulder? And like others said, dish it out right back. Is his wife a looker?

  • FlyingHighNow

    When people put other people down, it's a way of elevating themselves, another form of bragging, really. "Oh look how superior I am to you."

    Since the man takes the liberties of insulting you constantly, then be bold enough to tell him why he has no friends. Tell him that in the Canadian and American Culture it is considered to be rude and uncultured to insult people. Tell him people who introduce themselves this way are considered to be of bad breeding and lower in class (Things a Brit should understand), and that he and his wife will need to adjust their manners to the more polite North American way, if they expect to make friends.

    I'd say that what is being done under the guise of culture, reveals insecurity and possibly low self esteem.

  • changeling

    This doesn't sound like an issue of cultural differences to me. Some of the things you mentioned are plain and simple "put downs". A "put down" is not friendly banter in any culture.

    Feeling the way you do does not make a good basis for a healthy friendship IMO.

    changeling :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The put down is an excellent basis for friendship. Any of you ever seen that Seinfeld episod where George gets a job working for a baseball team and they cuss each other out every time they see each other? It's quite good. "Hey you dumb son of a bitch! How you doing?!"

  • daniel-p

    Well I don't care who likes taking the "mick" out of other men... people who do that to others are only playing with their own senses of insecurity and seeing how insecure others feel... even if that's not what they think they're doing. People who can't be forthright and honest and respectful with others aren't much deserving of friendship. But then that's just me. Once someone has lost my respect they hardly ever get it back. I suppose that's some sort of failing on my part?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Daniel p, you sound like you could use a little more fiber in your diet, and to take yourself a little less seriuosly.

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