Bethel! Is there anyone who DID NOT long to visit Bethel

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  • FreudianSlip

    My family went when I was 10. I loved the whole experience. Not sure why now that I think about it, but I have a good feeling when I think back. We went to the Watchtower Farms and I got to play with the little piglets and we saw the Stanley theatre after it was revamped. I tasted Lobster for the first time. The NY skyline was amazing. Out tour guide at Bethel was hot.

  • loosie

    I didn't have the desire. I also didn't have the desire to snag a elder or MS for a hubby either.

  • oompa

    I hated it, and never wanted to visit....yet i had to again very tours....but had to go for personal reasons....hated it.....brooklyn is so funny for doing tours now.....tour empty buildings?....there are pictures up where stuff used to be....weird............i managed to resist setting things on fire at least.........oompa

  • hirotaka

    was dragged through many in n.amrica and europe by my father.......waved at the one in Japan from the tour bus.......thankfully we were there with a tour group and the bus wouldn't stop in Ebina?


  • yknot

    Isn't that like a there being a Muslin not wanting to make a trip to Mecca?

  • BabaYaga

    I did when I was really little, I was so embarrassed by the bad artwork in the literature that I thought they really needed help. I was going to grow up and go do good artwork for the Society.

    Then I got a little older and found out that only boys could go. That really pissed me off. I never, EVER, considered it a "vacation destination".

    Little Pissy Baba Girl.

  • yknot

    I am so sorry Baba....sexism sucks

    When I was a wee little girl my Elders wanted me to be the female version of Hayden Covington.....

    Then I moved to a lower level KH and the Elders laughed and said only boys were allowed too......

    I passed out pictures of Carolyn Wah when she started representing the WTS....they were soooo shocked !

  • stillajwexelder

    I have been - but I never longed for it and could not see what the big attraction was or what all the fuss was about. I mean - you go to New York City -and there are so many things to do , Brooklyn Bethel was very low on my list of priorities -same when visiting London - I steer well clear of Mill Hill

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