Bethel! Is there anyone who DID NOT long to visit Bethel

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  • purpleplus

    Bethel is the Witness equivalent to Mecca. I never had a strong urge to go, unlike others in the borg. Its funny to hear people marvel at the speed of the printing presses there. Uh, how many other printing presses have they seen, lol!!

  • snowbird

    Never did. Too much emphasis on the material as opposed to spiritual.

    My sister visited twice.


  • kitsune

    I went once because I wanted to get a couple days off work and go to NYC. I went with a bunch from the hall, including some of my family and my (now ex) best friend. Thought it would be great. Worst trip I ever took.

  • misanthropic

    It never appealed to me, taking a vacation where I had to wear my meeting clothes the entire time. My parents used to talk about taking a family trip there when I was a teen- so glad we never did, instead we usually went to California or the mountains where we were able to do fun things.
    My sister went there after high school, loved it so much she moved to up there to be close to Bethel and pioneer.

  • AudeSapere

    We used to live about 20 miles from Brooklyn and would visit regularly. Usually at least once a month.

    We knew the tours so well that we could give them ourselves.

    One of the first trips to WT Farms, my brother got bit by a horse. It was a nasty bite that required a trip to the emergency room. He may still have scars from it. For the bethelites at the farm back around 1972 or so, they might remember it.

    We were so proud of our Bethel connections and insights. Almost feels like a waste but not really. Those were some very good times. Pre-1975 with close proximity to mecca Bethel.


  • ex-nj-jw

    I've gone a couple of times. It was my parents idea of an outing. It was either there or that damn farm, yuk! It smelled so bad at the farm and it seemed like the smell would be in my nose and on my clothes until I showered and changed

    I hated those trips! Anyone that came to visit from out of town we had to take them to see bethel


  • K.Matthews

    I longed to go to Disneyland.

  • chickpea

    we visited the NZ "bethel"
    on our tour of the shakey isles

    we took a tour of the facility....
    by 2002 it was no longer a printing facility
    but mostly served as the housing for translators

    we were told that the center courtyard had served as
    an illustration in one of the study books
    ( if i hadnt tossed all of ours i would try to figure out which one)

    we had a delightful lunch with the "bethel family"
    and then had a private "tea" with a retired
    missionary couple .... pope was their last name

    they had spent 40 years in india....
    at least at the time they were being cared for
    no telling if and when they might be turned out......

  • Pandoras cat
    Pandoras cat

    Even when my husband and I were in in pretty thick (elder& pioneer) the desire to go see Bethel was not there. If anything we would have spent the money on seeing NYC and sights around there!!!! Maybe that was a sign?


  • nbernat

    Ew I HATE going to Bethel. Hate, hate, hate it!

    I wanted to go to NYC and tour the city. . .but as a spiritual family, we had to go go to Bethel. If you are a JW, go to NYC (even the east coast for that matter!) and you don't go to Bethel, you're seen like some sort of freak.

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