Insight In the there anything I can use in these volumes?

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  • slimboyfat

    They tended not to put some of the most crazy stuff in the Insight volumes - like the interpretation of days in Daniel and so on.

  • insearchoftruth

    In her stack of stuff necessary to study the bible, she also has reasoning with the scriptures, does this agree with insight?

  • oompa

    I can not BELIEVE they have not updated the reasoning book! Unless I am mistaken, there is a Last Days section, and it still claims that those who alive in 1914 and saw the beginning of the last days will NOT die off the earth...........oompa

    My fave part of Insight is under the name Jehovah where under Use in the Greek Scriptures it says they find it most unusual that there are NO EXTANT (exisiting) manuscripts IN THE WORLD that contain the divine name (but never mind, we will add the name 237 times without any reason what so ever, not just where quoting the Hebrew) oh and by the way, satan and his apostate friends REMOVED the divine name in the second or third century (no proof at all, and YA that means God did not protect or preserve his own word!!!!!)................oompa

  • jwfacts

    As Oompa said, the reasoning book references the old generation teaching.
    *** rs p. 234 Last Days *** Last Days "Definition: The Bible uses the expression “last days” to refer to the concluding time period leading up to a divinely appointed execution that marks the end of a system of things. The Jewish system with its worship built around the temple in Jerusalem experienced its last days from 33 to 70 C.E. What occurred then was pictorial of what would be experienced in a greatly intensified way and on a global scale at a time when all nations would be facing the execution of judgment decreed by God. The present wicked system of things, which extends worldwide, entered its last days in 1914, and some of the generation alive then will also be on hand to witness its complete end in the “great tribulation.”"

    If there is only one interpretation why has this had to be changed? How has the old generation teaching affected the way that JWs lived their lives regarding education, retirement funds, health insurance

    *** rs p. 71 par. 2 Blood *** Any animal used for food should be properly bled. One that is strangled or that dies in a trap or that is found after it has died is not suitable for food. (Acts 15:19, 20; compare Leviticus 17:13-16.) Similarly, any food to which whole blood or even some blood fraction has been added should not be eaten.

    This does not directly relate to fraction transfusions, but still an interesting topic to raise is why are fractions are now allowed? If they are allowed now, is the WTS bloodguiltly for JWs that died refusing fractions in the past? Where do fractions come from if JWs cannot give blood donations?

  • insearchoftruth

    You are correct, on page 239 in the reasoning book,

    "....Truly I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away until all things occur." (the "generation" that was alive at the beginning of fulfillment of the sign in 1914 is now well along in years. The time remaining must be very short. World conditions give every indication this is the case.)"

    Now to just figure out a good way to get her to 'discover' least should start some thinking......

  • justhuman

    They have lot of staff you can use:

    1.Generation that will not pass way

    2.Seperation work-sheep and goats that JW's are doing that by their preaching

    3.The close door of the heavenly call in 1931

    They have interesting staff,,,never through WT's publications.They are useful to show their flip flop doctrines, plus the best "apostatic"material is their own publications

  • insearchoftruth


    Is this info I can use from the insight book or the reasoning the way, you all are great!!

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I would read the article on Chronology...

    It is designed to destroy anyones belief in secular chronology, without providing a viable alternative for the neo-Babylonian kings list... (see poster M.J.'s avatar "Neverwuzza - 576-556 BCE).

    It therefore already has a preconceived notion... it is completely biased... not presenting both sides... onlt whatever supports their current twisted view.

  • hamsterbait

    To completely destroy the 607 date the Insight Books are invaluable.

    They give the Kings of Babylon back from 537, along with the number of years they ruled. As a result 587bc is supported as the conquer of Jerusalem.

    It is also hilarious how they seek to explain away scriptures like Zeph 1:1,2 (second year of Darius ), and the year of Nebuchadnezzars rule when he captured the city.

    In the item on the Most Holy, they deliberately omit Rev 7 which refers to the "divine habitation" from all the other verses in Revelation, because it undermines their argument about the Great Crowd not being in heaven.


  • M.J.

    I just remembered there was something on Randy's site on this:

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