Do JWs miss having large parties, pot-lucks, etc?

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  • navytownroger

    As has been stated before, large congregational get-togethers, cook-outs, baseball games, etc are now greatly discouraged by the Society. Back in the 80s in San Diego we had parties, night-time beach bonfires, pool parties and frequent restaurant meals with 10+ people. Do current JWs seem to miss these sorts of social activities?? Are any such activities still going on? I recently heard of a large group of single JWs in California going on a Caribbean cruise. Are they the rare exception?

  • donny

    When did the discouragement of these gatherings begin and what is logic?

  • Quirky1

    Oops! I'm sorry...I saw the words pot & party and misunderstood....

  • nbernat

    I do. We used to have them about two years ago but now it's pretty much non-existent.

  • ex-nj-jw
    Oops! I'm sorry...I saw the words pot & party and misunderstood....

    LMAO at Quirky!!!

    Back in the 70's and early 80's the most fun we had was to have a pre-watchtower study then all go out to dinner afterward and of course talke about jw stuff . Skate parties were big back then too every now and then. I'd go then ditch the jdubs and find my real friends


  • ohiocowboy

    Growing up, we would have congregation beach parties, get togethers, and there would be softball games and skating almost every week. Those are some of the good times that I remember. I don't know how I would feel not having fun recreational activities. Actually I do know how I would feel. I would get worn out really quickly having only the meetings and field circus. My mind would become very dulled. Come to think of it, that is exactly what the Society wants, is a bunch of zombies just trudjing along, constantly being made to give more and more of their time and money, following the whims of "Mother".

    I can't believe more people haven't left the org.

  • yknot

    This is what I observed.......

    The discouragement was for lesser KHs.....and they took it quiet manna from heaven to keep them humble and spiritually focused. (Their KH donations are based on number of attendents)

    The more wealthy and connected KHs I have associated with not only had regular get together several had full-on JW bands... Cocktails served before the start of a home bookstudy. Lake, boat, pool parties. For points only Poker nights for the boys using, fishing excursions, golfing Saturdays, I could go on but you get the idea........a season/time for all things. (Their KH donations are based on automatic account withdrawls)

    If I had never met the blind faith.........would I even be here? Would I care or would I minimize it like I do other situations where something I have was produced or built on the backs of lesser fortunate people......sorry just a random self examination......I don't know the answer and that scares me about myself.......

  • Dagney
    I recently heard of a large group of single JWs in California going on a Caribbean cruise. Are they the rare exception?

    Ohhh, just met a sister going on this. I thought 'good for her!' We went on many such trips back in the day.

    The answer is I think "yes" the friends miss was a great way to grow up, having those gatherings. Gatherings on a congregation level I believe are discontinued, legal/insurance issues I suppose. I can't even imagine being a kid now and not having those activities to at least substitute for the lack of outside activities.

    They are just crazy. What organization does not want happy, social, educated people?

  • blondie

    There are still parties though smaller. If larger, they aren't publicized much. The ones I have seen are organized anonymously. It is hard to pin the blame on anyone.

    I still see people go to sporting events, have Super Bowl parties, have card parties, and have dinner parties, just smaller.


  • frisbee

    i think this has become very personal to individual congregations and to reasonable BoEs, one of our elders organises regular trips for up to 12 rf to wine tasting events and recent parties have been up to 60 + bros n sis. Am organising one at my place for 70 next weekend with games for kids and adults. Someone has to fill the vacuum in our lives. Take the initiative guys, The wedding feast at Cana must have been attended by hundreds in view of the amount of wine available, management was the important word, so always invite the top brass or at least a representative.

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