Do JWs miss having large parties, pot-lucks, etc?

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  • navytownroger

    If individual JWs just got together quietly & decided to once more start having big social get-togethers, what could the higher-ups really do about it? What 'official' Biblical reasons could the Elders give to discourage it? But the R & F should just do it anyway. Where does it say in the Bible that 'fun' & socializing is not allowed??

  • sir82
    Cocktails served before the start of a home bookstudy.

    Dang! Why didn't we think of doing that?

    Would have made covering the $%^&!!! Revelation book for the $%^#@!! 4th time a bit more bearable...

  • donny
    one of our elders organises regular trips for up to 12 rf to wine tasting events

    You mean JW's still consume alcoholic beverages?

  • TreadClimberMaster

    I was wondering the same thing and started a topic with this very question. How sad and depressing, no wonder I am the happiest I have ever been in my life since I stopped attending the meetings.

    TreadMillMaster (The treadclimber is broken :) )

  • yourmomma

    yeah donny, they still can, but "a true Christian would wey the consequences very seriously" and "some upstanding Christians choose not to drink at all, they feel that they would not want their service to Jehovah to be hindered in any way as to not risk being destroyed at Armageddon" PS, to the people at Bethel that monitor this site: You aint the only ones that can write slick bull shit!

  • Layla33

    I think it depends on where you are located, because my parents go to parties and "gatherings" just about every weekend. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that my step-mother and father wouldn't be in the JW religion so much if they couldn't have those events regularly.

  • Evidently

    When I was a kid growing up in the 70's, we had constant congregation picnics, which usually included softball games, volleyball, and some of the best food I can ever remember eating. There was a family in our congregation that were on site caretakers for a old yacht club property that had a large building where the food was setup and large fields for whatever games everyone wanted to play.

    I am of the opinion that the change in policy (not allowing these type of gatherings) has had a negative impact on the RF. There is no joy to be found in this organization anymore and these events were a great way for witnesses to have some fun and "let their hair down". I think the mass exodus of youth leaving the Borg is further proof of this. Obviously, these activities cut down on field sales time (field circus) and the suits in Crooklyn wanted to make sure the sales force weren't being distracted by having some fun........

  • Alexia

    Like I mentioned in another thread, we had annual congregation picnics where the three congregations that met at our hall all got together (easily 500 people) in a local forest/park and had mad BBQs, someone somewhere was having a “gathering” or pock luck every week, skating, bowling, restaurants, going to concerts (mostly R&B and Jazz), take our bikes down to Pebble Beach for a scenic ride, we even had a “prom” for the teens so we wouldn’t miss out on the school prom complete with limo and fancy clothes. Despite what I feel about my upbringing in the BORG, at least we had FUN (at least I have those memories) and it kept the young folks involved in the congregation.

    I feel bad for the kids growing up now.

  • lancelink

    I recently heard of a large group of single JWs in California going on a Caribbean cruise. Are they the rare exception?

    There used to be a JW couple that had their own travel agency in the NW Chicago area during the 1980's.

    They were always booking "theocratic cruises' for the witnesses.

    two years ago, I heard that this brother was beating and threatening his wife, they are divorced.

    It must have been the spirit of (church lady voice here) Satan that made him become like this !

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