I feel like I'm being pushed away

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  • TweetieBird

    Welcome, heybaby...

    Jesus said that you will recognize his people by the love they have amongst themselves...that scripture was probably the one that awakened me the most.

    I experienced the same thing when my husband was made an MS. It was a short-lived experience fortunately!

  • sacolton

    This is how the Society sees the R&F ... a disposable battery. You can never do enough. They will work you to earn your salvation until the day you die and discarded like a used-up battery.

  • oompa

    Welcome Heybaby!!!......soooo glad you were still alive enough to realize this "do more" attitude is unchristian at best!!....I shut up one self-righteous elder once (who later became a CO) after a pathetic rude and insensitive comment on his part by looking him in the eye and saying "I am doing the absolute most I possibly can,....can you say that? What more could you possibly want?".........DEAD SILENCE, a nervous laugh, and a slither away......haha...........oompa

  • Blasty

    Great comment there by tweetbird.

    Heybaby, you just have to step back and look at things in the most basic of concepts. There are very key things that the WTBTS just throw out. One of those is the many many scriptures that tell us not to judge others. When the WTBTS thrives on judging others, as you clearly met first hand here.

    If you feel that something is wrong, persue that, and figure out why. Because if your not true to yourself, and true to what you feel is right and wrong, then your just lying to yourself and God anyways.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome heybaby !!

    Any thoughts?

    Do you both have family in the bOrg, close friends, or financial ties that make fading necessary? Otherwise, if you do a clean break with a DA, many have found it easier to just move on without being 'encouraged' by the dubs.

    B the X

  • heybaby

    Yes, my parents and one of my brothers are witnesses. My mother-in-law, and my husband's brother and sister are witnesses also. Lots of my cousins, aunts and uncles are witnesses/pioneers/elders. So as you can see, I have a bit of a problem.

  • sacolton

    Your best strategy is for you and your husband to try and fade.

  • Blasty

    Yeah, most of my family is still witnessess. It's ok, you'll learn to deal with it. They all deal with me on a kind level, although I never even gave anyone the chance to DA me. I just dropped off the radar really.

    If your family starts to treat you badly, just learn to be a bigger person then they are. The most important person is your husband. Your own family under your own roof is the primary thing of concern, nobody else has any right to you.

  • whitman

    welcome heybaby...sounds like you have found the right place, glad to have you on board

  • LockedChaos



    May I recommend reading the 2 books
    written by Raymond Franz.
    He is a former Governing Body member
    and basically just a warm friendly person.
    He's not vindictive or evil.
    Just a warm spirit minded person.

    Your eyes will definitely be opened wide.

    Where to get the books is common knowledge
    throughout the board and via the internet.

    Do yourself a huge favor and get them.

    It will change your life.

    Thought and knowledge will set you free
    These are your basic personal
    Christian responsibilities.
    Learning is the first step in the journey.

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