Great Strides Have been Made!

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  • Hope4Others

    Happy Birthday!

    What wonderful news to share indeed!


  • caliber
    wonderful blessings have come my way! My oldest son who I shunned in 1981 and who has since cut me out of his life....has finally "come around" and we are making some REAL headway towards being in each other's lives again

    . I am happy for you... I guess I am an eternal optimist.. but I still believe that "love never fails " .. even if it

    seems to delay , if we do our part of being a decent, non judging and kind person ... very nice surprises may

    come...... thanks a ton for sharing ! We could use a way more of these up building comments.This is not

    a small event you just move a mountain !!!!!!!!!!


  • LockedChaos


    Nice to hear of reconciliation
    Wonderful that you have moved on

    What petty things we worried about

    Only matters where you are now
    Hope is for all to come out
    from under the fist of control

    Atlas Shrugged
    As did you

  • 10p

    yeah, Atlas Shrugged. God I love that book.

    In fact, forget Crisis of Conscience - Atlas Shrugged should be compulsory reading for anyone on this forum.

    Hank Rearden:
    "An issue of guilt, he thought, had to rest on his own acceptance of the code of justice that pronounced him guilty. He did not accept it; he never had. His virtues, all the virtues she needed to achieve his punishment, came from another code and lived by another standard."

    PS - If anyone wants it, I've got a PDF.

  • snowbird

    Happy to hear that things are working out, Annie.

    Happy to see your posts again.

    Happy 67th birthday!


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Good for you!

    This is so encouraging that I think your life story should be published in the next Watchtower !

    B the X

  • Thechickennest

    Hi Annie!

    Greetings from South Dakota. I don't know you as I am fairly new on this board even though I signed up a few years ago.

    I have to say you have made my day and week! It is something we all dream of...having some reconciliation in our lives. I burned a lot of bridges with my extended family and friends when I became a witness. I wish I could go back and fix some things. You have been blessed!

    Happy Birthday!


  • snowbird

    I'm still mending fences - some are beyond repair, however. I accept that and move on. Life is good.


  • bluesbreaker59

    I love getting together for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or NO REASON AT ALL!!! I have time to associate with my family and friends, and now that I'm no longer a Dub, its so wonderful to be included on so many things. Keep up the great work!!! I just pray that one day my dad and his family will wake up and we can all be together again.

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