Name Certain Things JWs Can't Do

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  • thebigdebate
  • thebigdebate

    Cant buy Girl Scout Cookies

  • thebigdebate

    Sell lottery tickets if you work at a gas station

    Be a black jack dealer

    Play in a golf tourney (with prizes)

    Buy raffle tickets that the kids sell for school

    Go to the YMCA swimming pool

    Have Kids this close to the end

    Go to a pep rally

    Play school sports

    Watch smurfs (Recall the sprits !!)

    Stay overnight at a friend from schools house

  • oompa

    tell the truth...........oompa

    as in cant tell the truth

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Go to the mountains, and smell the crisp cool mountain air. Unless you live there already.

    No vacations away from home. Too much money, and you could do a week of pioneering!

  • Quirky1

    Screw da neighbor

  • Fisherman

    I never knew that a jw could not stand for the natonal anthem

  • Quirky1

    I think you can stand but just not salute or cross your heart. It's a respect issue.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    During my older brothers graduation, my father ( elder ) told my brother, that if he stood for the National Anthem, or the prayer, that he would come down to the stadium floor, and rip him out of the seat, in front of 1500+people.

  • independent_tre
    When the "world" hears this stuff, they think we're making it up!

    So true, I finally got around to telling my non-jw spouse some of this stuff, he hasn't stopped laughing yet....

    Jdubs can't

    > eat lucky charms - or any other magically delicious cereal

    > go out after work with coworkers

    > talk about their weekend without mentioning field service

    >participate in the office football pool or office lottery...... ( I used to imagine that they would finally win and I'd be the only nut still left at work. While I was holding on to my jw principles, they would be holding on to their million dollar checks)

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