They won't leave me alone!!!! What can I do?

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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Do not discuss doctrine with them. It will never end. Tell her plainly that you are not interested in continuing a bible study or becoming a JW. Tell her that you do not believe the teachings of JW. If you want to, you can tell her that you would like to remain a friend but you would request that she not bring up a bible study anymore. You will probably never hear from her again. But you are in control. You can tell her how you feel very simply. Do not let her be in control.

  • parakeet

    "I can understand humility, but not stupidity."

    You could tell her you've been doing some research on the Internet ("demonized") and are currently getting a lot of good information from this forum ("apostates"). That combination should scare her off.

  • poppers

    Why don't you just prominently display a crucifix or a "Jesus Saves" decal for them to see and make the "sign of the cross" like the Catholics do. Maybe that'll get through to them. And if they keep coming back sprinkle some "holy water" everywhere while clutching a rosary.

  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie

    You don't have to be polite to her. Remember how she spoke of how she ignores DF'd ones, even if they smile at her?

    Just in no uncertain terms, tell her you are not interested and you don't see becoming interested again any time soon.

    If that doesn't work, if she still pops around, you are then free to (and excuse my language) tell her to f**k off.

  • jgnat

    Well, if you can convince her that you could be a spiritual danger to her, she will drop you like a hot potato. I do believe you have the internal fortitude and the intellectual strength to overcome any of her weak arguments.

    I say, pick a subject you are adamant about, and don't let her weasel out of it. Tell her point-blank that the Watchtower articles and books are not credible sources to you. You want her to dig deeper, and evaluate if those reasons are valid.

    Witnesses are supersitiously afraid of the internet. perhaps if you print off threads like these, and reference them, she will run away faster.

    On 1914:

    As an interesting side-note, the Witnesses (Bible Students) themselves were engaging in many activities in 1914, such as celebrating Christmas, that a modern Witness would consider a mark of "evil" Christendom. Also, a good history review of the Watchtower teachings show that the Witnesses of 1914 had a completely different view of the end-time progression. In 1914, they thought that Jesus had come already and the final judgement was to be completed in 1914/18.

  • changeling

    Welcome! You are one smart lady!

    Be polite but tell her you have learned enough about JW's to know you do not ever want to be one of them. You do not owe her an explanation.

    She may still come around, especially if she's a pioneer and needs some extra time at the end of the month. Again, repeat you are not interested. She'll get the point.

    Should she continue to badger you ask to be put on the "Do Not Call" list. She'll drop you like a hot potato.

    changeling :)

  • bluesbreaker59

    Unfortunately you can't win with them, because they are in a cult. Just tell her you've returned to your church, and are greatly disturbed by their hiding known pedophiles in their organization.

  • Quandry

    How smart you are not to be led into the organization. Welcome!!!

    Did you know that they are currently discussing removing priveledges of any man who encourages anyone to get a "higher education?"

    Did you know that, although the Watchtower Society has, for years, claimed that the United Nations was from the devil, they sought out membership with them as a Non-Governmental Associate, ostensibly to gain access to the UN library, but once a British newspaper broke the story, quickly dissasociated themselves? A witness could be disfellowshipped for telling other members about this information.

    Did you know that the WTS paid out millions of dollars to victims of sexual abuse-those that they had told NOT to report the abuse to the authorities? In many cases the victims were disfellowshipped for trying to warn others in the congregation.

    Please see the website Freeminds to find out their past flip-flopping on doctrines, and ludicrous past teachings, such as that taking vaccinations was like putting pus into your body.

    Arm yourself with information, then ask the witness to explain these things to you.

    Either she will run out of your house thinking that she is being attacked by demons and never bother you again, or she will find out some things the Watchtower Society likes to carefully hide from the rank and file members such as she is.

    Should be interesting to say the least!!!

  • iloowy

    Otay! I've been lurking for some time and well... I just couldn't pass up the chance at giving some advice on this topic. Here's what I suggest. You'll be doing your bookstudy teacher a favor. Go to Get the book Crisis of Conscience on PDF ... it's an easy download. Then invite her back and each visit print out a chapter and make it a stipulation of your study that if she wants to study with you she'll have to listen to you read the chapter first and allow her to take it home then make some notes and comments, then you'll study the Bible Teach chapter with her and you'll do the same, make notes on it etc. I'll bet she'll not go along with it and won't bother you too many times after that. If she's willing you're definitely doing her a big favor. So do it for her and for yourself. With best regards. --ILOOWY

  • almostbitten

    Thanks for all of this valuable information. I must say that I don't feel like getting into a great debate with her, but I guess I will just be firm and tell her that I am not interested in their Bible Study anymore without owing her some sort of explanation. Again, thanks. I'm so sorry that many of you had to suffer through what the WTS put you through, and I hope that many of you will not let these horrible incidents hamper your relationship with God and His Son Jesus. God is not to blame for human foolishness. P.S. I'm enjoying reading various things on this site. I am floored that many of my suspicious about JWs during my studies with them have been validated here. I knew I wasn't crazy. Take care and keep up the advice. Someone can sure use it!

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