parenting a transgendered teen

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  • mariemcg

    I've been brought up in the truth as well as being transgendered and post op for almost 15 years, I'm now 32.. I cling on to the hope that Jehovah will make it right for whatever that is but in this life i'm leading i felt compelled to have surgery in order to survive.. I must say the majority of the congregation i'm in now are being very supportive and loving.. Ok most prob never be able to get baptisted but with Isaiah 56:3-6 and mat 19:12 i feel there is hope and Jehovah would of wanted the best for me and for me not to suffer beyond what i can bear. Agape

  • Lore

    On the bright side. . . it's a heckuvalot easier for a girl to dress as a boy without critisism than the other way around.

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