Serena Williams and her "god jehovah"

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  • MinisterAmos

    Surely you have to admit she is beautiful,talented & a good body<<

    Umm yeah, for a DUDE!

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I also say they should thank the governing body for allowing them to compete. It's they who run the show after all.

  • yourmomma

    maybe rick fearon can call the wts and ask about her and record it for a video

  • MsMcDucket
    Umm yeah, for a DUDE!

    A man with that much ass is going to be in big trouble! ROFLMAO!!!

  • mouthy

    I wrote & asked Bethel how come the Williams sister were running around with the flag when we were not allowed to do that. I was written back.

    "each congregations have their own rules "Liars.....

  • treadnh2o

    Mouthy- It's o.k. if its the American flag. You live in Canadia. LOL

  • Preston

    She's too hot to need God. All of those FLDS women at the Texas compund better start praying more.

    - Preston

  • dogisgod

    I think they are a great witness for what you can do by ignoring the society. You go girls!!!

  • nameless_one

    I think it's great these two young women are so focused and accomplished, and that they're making the most of their talents and thriving and achieving in life. BUT...

    The problem I feel when I read about this kind of thing, is that it presents a skewed view of JWs to those who don't know the reality (which is the vast majority of people!). I am an UBM, and I never had a clue what JWs and the WTS were really about until I got "educated" up close and personal. My non-JW friends, family, colleagues, etc also have had no idea, and many regular ("worldly") people think I'm crazy when I tell them what the real deal is. JW celebrities who seem "normal" and healthy and successful and unrestricted don't help these misperceptions.

    None of that is the fault of the Williams girls, of course; it's just the fact that every time one of them talks about Jehovah and the JWs on TV or whatever, it gives a subtle witness to "worldly" people purely by virtue of making JWs seem harmless and relatively mainstream, which they most certainly are not.

  • justhuman

    Well many of us weren't so lucky like Serena to thank Jehovah due to the WT. I quit a music for pioneering.........

    By the way she is SO HOT AND SEXY....She doesn't read the WT's magazine regarding the modest Christian dressing, and for sure she doesn't look at all the pictures of how should JW women should dressed...

    But as Apostle Paul said, "money(love) will cover multitude of sins"

    You give money to the WT and everything is forgiven

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