My Avatar and yours

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  • still_in74

    after my wife found my C of C I felt rather alone and saw a storm coming on. This pic seemed to really capture my feelings at the time.

    I have not felt the need to change it as the storm is always there, ever visible in the distance just waiting for it to turn my way.

  • karen96

    Mine is me, celebrating my 40th birthday.

    I am fascinated by the symbolism you all have when choosing your avatar! I think it's great!


  • james_woods

    Me, on my front porch, with Dawg Chance in the foreground and my old LT4 Vette in the background. Chance is half Dalmation, and half Black Lab, according to exotic dancer "Angel", his former human mommy.

    Chance threw up in that LT4 on the way home from the Gentlemen's Club of Dallas where I won him in a pool tournement. I sometimes think Angel's manager threw the final game just to get rid of him.

    We still have the Chance now quite a while after the LT4 spun it's front main bearing and got replaced by a ZR-1.

  • whyamihere
    Come on over - I have cocktails!

    Where have I heard this statement before?

    Tempting honey - next time, pack me in your traveling bags! I've been known to fit in odd places.

  • dannyboy

    After I left the "organization" I was on my own, in the wilderness you might say, hence this avatar of my "coonskin cap" phase....


  • LockedChaos

    So much implied
    In so small a space

    Thanks everyone

    Brings to mind a book
    "War of the Flowers"
    Tad Williams
    Favorite Author
    Pure Fantasy
    Great Story

  • NewYork44M

    I have a pix of my future.

  • M.J.

    Mine accounts for the 20 year gap in WTS chronology.

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