Reclaiming my national identity

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I am a Canadian. I love this country. The more I see of it the greater my feeling for it.

    I was born in Toronto and lived in many places across the city. It is the home of my childhood and though there was a lot of pain there were the good times - going off to the park and looking for frogs and snakes, getting stuck in the mud, learning to swim in Lake Ontario, watching my 8 yr old brother jump off the 25 foot tower in the swimming pool below. I was older but he had the spunk.

    Montreal was the city of my young adulthood. My children were born there and live there now. I was a JW in Montreal and quite a few people knew me. Montreal was also the city of my emancipation from the WTS slavery. I went back to school, had my career, learned to enjoy life on the outside. In spite of the years I spent there I never felt it was home. Probably due to the political atmosphere - just one more type of oppression that I made sure my daughters never experienced (they both went to French immersion schools)

    I've driven through Cape Breton Island and seen and smelled my first salt water air. Nothing in the world like that. In a way it was a homecoming. My great great grandfather landed in Nova Scotia and the family settled there and over on "The Rock" of Newfoundland. It was a chill day but I had to strip off my shoes and socks and get my feet into the water.

    I moved to Manitoba and was astounded by the prairie landscape where you can stretch your arms out and see nothing but sky. Unbelievable. It was also the first time n my life I saw a brown lake. My husband (not the JW) was so proud to drive me north of Winnipeg to see this lake that Manitobans raved about. So we get there I I really need to find a washroom. We park the car and walk over this sand dune and he proudly shows me his lake. All I could see was sand. So I'm wondering where is the lake and I'm still looking for a washroom. And he is getting irritated that I am not ooing and awing at his lake but damn I can't see it. Then I notice the sand dunes are moving. The water is brown. Brown. I have no idea how I didn't wet my pants right then and there. I sure was laughing hard enough.

    I've been to BC and seen the Pacific. For some reason it had no emotional impact on me. We took a cruise up the coast to Alaska. The whole way there are these magnificent mountains. We toured Vancouver Island. I had no idea Canada had a tropical forest. I don't even have the words to describe the beauty of this forest. We walked along some trails and saw the fog rising over the water. I had never seen trees so large and so beautiful. I wanted to stop everywhere but was anxious to see what else was around the corner.

    I now live in Ottawa. In a strange way it feels like home. I am in the same province and Toronto has the feel of my childhood. When I was searching the background of my family I was able to trace my mother's side of the family to a small town across the river from where I live. It is a calming feeling to know my ancestors walked this way 400 years ago. Due to the years of abuse and now the shunning I have felt very disconnected from family. Being here gives me a sense of belonging. It has been a phenomenal move for me.

    Now to the point of all of this

    Tomorrow is Canada's 141 birthday celebration. I am proud to be a CANADIAN. For so long it was wrong to feel any type of national pride. It was JW-WTS or nothing. I have been going to the Canada Day festivals for the last few years since I moved here. But these thoughts have been floating in my head all week and I think it was time to let them out. I can feel pride in where I live. I can go out and join in the festivities. I can wear red and white. I can sing Oh Canada. I can carry the Canadian flag - I have one hanging off my computer desk and it stays there all year.

    I live in a beautiful country. It has its problems but it has so much that is good. So tomorrow I will go out and celebrate being a Canadian

  • zeroday
    Tomorrow is Canada's 141 birthday celebration. I am proud to be a CANADIAN.

    YOU ROCK Canada happy birthday...

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Canada is a better place just because you're there Lee.

    O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!
    From far and wide, O Canada,
    We stand on guard for thee.
    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  • Gopher

    Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian posters!

    Your cities are clean and beautiful. I really have enjoyed visiting Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg.

  • dinah

    Be happy and proud, Lady Lee.

    My God, you have Granny. What else would you need?

    Y'all should crown Granny. (Oh yeah, we already did)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    know there are a lot of Canadians here. There are far more Americans who will be celebrating on July 4th.

    So what are you doing? How aware are you of reclaiming your national pride.

    I'm sure there must be a similar hoiliday for Australians. Don't know if the UK or any Europena countries have a similar holiday

    If so - let us know

  • dinah

    Loaded question for Americans right now, Lady Lee.

    I just choose to remember that we were warriors for good, once upon a time. My grandfather and 4 of his brothers fought in WW2, probably freed some JW's from concentration camps, then his daughter joins up. No wonder he was so pissed!!

    I love the community I live in. Americans are really great people.

  • zeroday
    So what are you doing? How aware are you of reclaiming your national pride.

    After I DA'ed myself I hung the American Flag on my house for the first time in my adult life...very proud now...

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    I live on Vancouver Island (actually it is North America's only temperate rainforest, {not tropical, sorry to correct you, Lady Lee}). It is a totally unique eco-system not found anywhere else in the world except the East coast of Japan due to our shared ocean current. I feel very blessed to live in this land of great beauty, natural resources and freedom.


    Happy Canada Day everyone!

  • BurnTheShips

    What a wonderful post. I wish Canada a happy celebration of its birthday.

    Happy Canada Day!!!!

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