ABCNews Nightline: Segment on JW absuse cases here......

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  • sparrowdown

    Wishful thinking I know but, boy, it would be nice to think that one day the WT's house of cards will come tumbling down.

  • flipper

    This was an incredible 10 minutes of journalism. To see ABC a major national network affiliate do interviews and expose the arrogance of the WT Society and make them look so criminal, so bad- it was astounding. Even used the term " worldly " . Cool. Good job ABC. Two thumbs up.

    Candace Conti came across as so together, so unselfish in wanting to prevent this from happening to other victims - as someone else stated on another thread " she was the only one who was sorry for these things happening " ! It's amazing how lowdown and scummy this report made the WT Society appear to be as well as Jonathan Kendrick and his Psycho JW wife. To think that Kendrick's wife was actually calling the police authorities on the ABC news reporter- that was freaking hilarious- and sad all at the same time because it showed her complicity and acceptance of her husbands criminal behavior as well. What a freak she was. And her husband.

    The WT Society getting exposed like this is the next best thing to apple pie, sliced sourdough bread with hot butter, and a gourmet meal all wrapped into one. If it can protect one more child - it will be worth it

  • Perry

    It's kinda like the Watchtower wants their own version of Sharia Law and would like nothing better than for everyone else to butt out.

    JW's are not Christian because they virtually deny their members the opportunity to be born again with a new spirit because of their unscriptural teaching on the "great crowd" being outside the New Covenant. Hence, members are stuck with will power alone to deal with sin. They never experience the victory you read about in Acts and in other NT books.

    It is interesting that this has opened a floodgate of others who are now coming forward.

  • smiddy

    Thank you WingCommander for posting this .It did not sensationalize , just plain cold hard facts for all to see.

    We all know the WTB&TS is trying to wear Candace Conti down with their appeals and delaying tactics , hoping she will give up her lawsuit

    .We all hope she never does.She is an inspiration to all those who have been abused in this religion .Hopefully this case will be resolved in her favour and justice will be done.

    Their are many people from all over the world offering their moral support to you Candace Conti .

    Stick to your guns girl as hard as it must be .


  • misguided

    I have a hard time understanding why Canadian news has not picked up the case of my children's grandfather. Tonight he sits in jail in Ontario convicted of 19 counts of child sexual assault. He went to jail almost 3 years ago at the age of 80, and no doubt will ever get out. He was still a JW in good standing when he was convicted. From what I get from other JW's, he is still a JW in good standing and being punished for something that happened "so long ago" and how unjust and unfair that is.

    My kids have a cousin who is also their aunt. Their JW grandfather had a baby with my children's aunt. This only became knowledge when the child of the incest was 15. He also abused others (non-jw family members) who pressed charges. The child of the incest was proven by DNA, and also played a role in getting her father/grandfather convicted. (She is no longer JW, but her mother (unbelievably) is still in.) This was unbelievably covered up within the JWs.

    His family (husband, wife, 8 boys,and the victim of the incest, 1 daughter,) moved from Ontario to BC to escape it becoming common knowledge in the JW community. It was well covered up. This man was an elder in good standing in BC when I married into the family. The child of the incest was almost 15 years old when the truth came out . It took a custody battle of my children's father's oldest brother to bring the reality to light.

    My JW mother took my 4 daughters to visit this man, and their grandmother (who also played a role in the cover up by ignoring and letting what her husband did go, as, what I suspect, was a courtesy to them for being their other JW grandparents. My parents live 3 hours away from where we live and did these visits without my consent. My girls all express he was inappropriate with them.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great posted videos. Thanks WC.

    I was going to ignore Perry's comment which is a version of "No true Scotsman..." (Google it.) But I feel it is necessary to comment. Please get off your pulpit where you try to separate JW'S from your ideal Christianity. Just as it is highly inappropriate to use this case to blast all God-belief, it is equally wrong to say how true Christians are better than this. This report is negativity about Jehovah's Witnesses and their policies. Secondarily, it is positivity about Candace Conti and the victims who have their say or their late reward and/or justice. Let's keep our debates and pushing of our beliefs (and non-beliefs) where they belong.

  • WheninDoubt

    A pedophile is a pedophile no matter what religion there from. A murder is a murder no matter what god they pray to. You seem to be saying a pedophile is exclusive to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Should your readers then believe you to say the Catholic Church is safer, of the Moron’s, Amish, or any religion that make every attempt to separate church from state? when Jesus spoke of what’s written in Mark 12:17 only meant about taxes, or does it say RENDER onto Caesar the things that are Caesars. Crime has never been excluded from religion.

    Ancient law, the Mosaic Law suggested that a pedophile back then, upon being found guilty would be put to death. However in ancient times, there was no consensus of what a pedophile would be. However injury to a child would probably fit. The Mosaic Law was then changed to separate church and state as depicted in Mark.

    Society now wants to have it both ways by confusing ancient bible law with modern government laws. So if your hatred is only to Jehovah’s Witnesses, then, perhaps it should honestly reflect modern conditions to ALL. Sin has no defense even under biblical reckoning.

  • millie210
    Perry13 hours ago
    It is interesting that this has opened a floodgate of others who are now coming forward.

    Why would you call that interesting?

    It is common.

    That is the way it always goes, no matter what the topic matter of the case involved.

    One person takes the leap of courage and others follow.

    Nothing new or interesting that I can see. Just normal behavior in the situation.

  • flipper

    When in Doubt stated, " Should your readers then believe you to say the Catholic Church is safer, or the MORON'S , Amish, or any religion............ "

    I didn't realize there's a religion called " Moron's ". Of course it's kind of how I see some organized religions as being anyway- so it might fit. ( I know you probably meant "Mormons " just having a little light humor here. ) Just joking. You make some good points child abuse is wrong wherever it comes from- any religions

  • Finkelstein

    Within the understanding of protecting someone spiritually, Jonathan Kendricks used that assumed cloak of spiritual protection, to assault another child and probably use that pretentious cloak to get away from prosecution.

    It bares well to keep in mind that he did not get charged with assaulting Candace Conti. The intensionally hush hush policies within the JWS helped him to achieve into not getting re-charged with another pedophilia offense..

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