Prince Debuts Cover of Christian Rock Ballad 'What If' - This should be an instant disfellowshipping event

by paulmolark 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman
    He re-recorded a song that was written by someone else. It's no different than if someone sang Amazing Grace. I don't think any JW would blink an eye about that. Give the brotha a break!
  • paulmolark
    Mad Irishman how about you go to a gathering and start singing Amazing Grace and let me know how that turns out for ya.
  • steve2
    I had heard that Prince's mother was a JW and, on her deathbed had entreated Prince to accept "the truth". This could be apocryphal, but speaks to his sudden "turn around" in spirituality at the time of his mother's death several years ago. Anyone else heard this account?
  • BluesBrother

    If called to task over it he only has to ask them why they included a recording of a song that is unmistakably "The Battle Hymn of The Republic " on the site. It is at the start of a video about 100 years of Kingdom Rule . The recording sounds like one of their own , very old, with slightly changed words but a similar chorus and the same tune .

  • Finkelstein

    I doubt Prince is still involed with the JWS, he just felt he had to make a religious song to appeal to that specific audience.

    I said it before Prince desired a different public persona from the little dirty one that was given him during the beginning and most of his career.

    I don't think he liked worshiping someone that wasn't himself, people with big narcissistic egos generally are more consumed with their own self assuming personal identity

  • SonoftheTrinity

    I'm a Rastafarian and I use the name Jah and Jehovah.

    Jah a go burn down the Witchtower with lightning brimstone and fire! So Jah Say!

    Cau when me wax hot me have fe start cuss them inna Patois, no time fe grammatical declensions.

  • paulmolark
    SonoftheTrinity I am Jamaican, are you native to the island? Also, which mansion of Rasta are you? BoBo, 12 Tribe or Nyabinghi?
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Guys honestly......who here really thought there was any danger of Prince.......PRINCE.....becoming a model JW.

    BTW his album just last year was fantastic.

  • SonoftheTrinity
    I'm 12 Tribes. And I wish my wife were instead of JDub. And all the prophecies about Daniel that is misinterpreted to point to the early 20th century Jehovah's Witnesses really point to the Coronation of Haile Selassie and Brother Gad regathering 12 Tribes from the tiny Island of Jamaica. Praise Jah seh I man a Rastaman that I can belong to 12 Tribes and am free to pursue the highest education, for Selassie I was a lover of education who founded Universities and pursued such a strong policy of education first that it was students who bit the hand that fed them, bringing communism, anarchy, and civil war by abolishing the oldest dynasty in history. Am I digressing. Well give thanks that in his older year Prince him dash way the botty lifestyle and pick up a bible, but if you listen him classic dem like 'Purple Rain' is clear say him a uncircumcised Levite..Him born inna June, the 3rd month corresponding to Jacob's third son, and Purple is the color of the priesthood. In closing I really wish say Snoop Dogg turn a Jdub and Prince turn Rastaman. No I am not a Jamaican, me stay with yardies, me nyam fi dem food, me play fi dem music, Way back when me use a dread me locks dem but as a buckra man combsome suit me better than natty. To all the gentiles dem, pardon fer my patois and fer my multifaceted digression.
  • steve2

    Hey, my main man, SonoftheTrinity, wot you on? You da cool one, not Prince.

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