Illegals and Job Growth

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    I have hired a number of people in the past and in California, I am required by law to present a copy of their SS# card to verify who they are & status. If it's a fake they get fired. Period.

    I'm for enforcement. But I'm also for a reasonable limitation with reasonable laws. I want to know the real ID of the person living down the street from me. I also want them to have the ability to have a drivers license, so they will be an insured driver. Open the way for persons here and working to get legitimate, then enforce the laws. The problems with amnesty in the past is that after the amnesty period passes nothing changes.

    One should also take note that the south border is not the only problem. The oceans are another border that are wide open. I have a neighbor from England who is here illegally. She has no drivers license or insurance and she drives to work everyday. She will/is a drain on our economy. If she gets sick she goes to county hospitals. If she gets into an accident she will have no means to pay it. She has fake ID and no one questions her because she speaks perfect English.

    Is your neighbour married or otherwise living with someone? Did she come here to visit? How long has she been here? How did she get the money to drive a care? She might have a fake ID but if the person who hired her were checking her SSN, then it would show up. Does she have kids using the school system for free? As a neighbour, if you know she is illegal - do you feel an obligation to let some of the authorities, the DMV and/or her employer know she is using fake ID - hopefully not ID that's stolen somewhere thereby making it even worse.

    Illegals work above ground within a framework of underground networks - everybody looking out for each others backs. In order to clean up the problem, employers have to be penalized heavily or shut down for suspension when caught. No job - no bodies. Instead of Bush saying America has to be weaned off of oil addiction - perhaps he should have started with the corporate addiction to slave/cheap labour.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I was having this discussion in regards to corruption with a friend of mine. For the first time in history, an ex president in Mexico did not rob the country as he left office. (Vicente Fox). Nor did he throw the country into a recession and devalue the peso. The new president was not elected in an illegal manner. It takes about a generation of semi honest politics to make a change in a country. The older school politicians will eventually die off and a government closer to a modern democracy begins to rise up.

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    I would just like to keep the English language and the hospitals.

    Ken P.

  • AGuest

    More and more every day, I come to the conclusion that a lot of our "bitter" friends were bitter before they ever heard of... went into... joined up with... the WTBTS.

    The total lack of compassion of some here totally blows my mind. The U.S. is THE most affluent country in the world. The WORST day for most of us... excluding diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness, or the death of a loved one... is better than the BEST day for many of our fellow humans around the globe. Including those from south of the border. Heck, even if we're homeless here, there's always a soup kitchen, a shelter, a park bench, a doorway. If we are sick, there are emergency rooms here, regardless of whether you can pay or not. Very few of us have to hide from the government for exercising our constitutional rights. Very few of us sleep on dirt floors. Very few of us raise younger siblings, although we're only 10 years old ourselves, because both of our parents have died from disease. Very few of us have to sit in the road and watch as the flies eat mucous from our babies eyes... or the carrion circle overhead waiting for an infant to take its last breath... or watch while malaria or dysentary sucks all the fluid... and life... from their tiny body.

    People come here BECAUSE... supposedly... we are "the land of opportunity" and I would wager that there is not a single soul here who would not do the EXACT same thing in order to feed themselves and/or their families. Talk about your hypocrisy. I have to ask: is your "piece of the pie" truly SO tiny that you can't even bear to share a MORSEL with someone less fortunate? What is stopping any one of "us" from taking our hindends out the fields and picking... whatever there is to pick? Them? Yeah, right. The truth is that NOTHING is stopping us... other than we don't want to do it! The TRUTH is that you or I could show up in the "day labor" line on any given day like anyone else. No one would say a word. In fact, MOST would probably stand back and let you or I go first... just because they believe WE have a RIGHT to a job that they don't have. They're simply hoping.

    Someone... some idjit... asked:

    How many native born Americans have had their jobs taken by illegals?

    Such a question makes me cringe. I have to ask you, dear poster... are you serious??!!!

    I would respond that, obviously, you haven't spent much time talking with Native Americans and asking them how they feel regarding the fact that some ILLEGALS... wait, no, CRIMINALS... came over here and just TOOK what they wanted... of land and creature. Didn't matter that the Natives were already here; didn't matter that the land was already theirs. No, certain folks decided they wanted it and literally TOOK it, shedding much blood while doing it.

    I would respond that, obviously, you haven't spent much time talking with African Americans and asking them how they feel regarding the fact that such ILLEGALS... wait, no, CRIMINALS... went to THEIR land... and, again, TOOK what they wanted... this time, of human beings. Didn't matter that they had a land; didn't matter that they didn't want to come. No, folks decided they wanted them... and literally TOOK them... again, shedding much blood while doing it.

    And now, some of the descendents of those "fine" folks... excuse me, those illegals... no, wait, criminals... have the audacity to get a bent out of shape because some folks... some of whose ancestors actualled owned THIS land FIRST... come here to find work to feed themselves and their families. Not TAKE land... not TAKE other humans... not TAKE food and shelter... but WORK for it.

    I have one word. No, three. No, six: unkind, uncaring, hard-hearted, selfish, hypocrite.

    Call me big-headed, but no matter how large you think my head is, I promise you, I simply cannot wrap it around the concept of such an itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, tiny-butt heart.

    PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE: in THIS country, you can sit on a white porcelain seat... and flush your "dirt" away... all in one stroke. Never see it again. Not EVERYONE has that same privilege. Some have to bathe in the same water that they put their "dirt" in... as well as the "dirt" of their livestock. Some have to drink from that same water. Whose fault is that? Some will say, "Well, THEIR government should do something about it." That could very well be TRUE. But the question SHOULD be... Who CARES? What difference does it make?! UNTIL their government does something about it, would should THEY do? What would YOU do if YOUR government gave you the same living conditions? Sit there and do nothing, when opportunity is less than a mile away, and just across the river? Seriously??!! Give me a BREAK!!

    Maybe, if "we" bought one less SUV, guzzled one less gallon of gas, spent one less hour at the mall, one less minute on our cells phones... maybe if we turned off the lights, the TV, the computer, the microwave, the pool heater, whathaveyou... we wouldn't be so SCARED that we might end up with just a little less. Just a LITTLE.

    (I warned folks, this is a subject that gets me riled up. I just can't STAND the self-serving greediness of some regarding this issue.)

    Peace (and dear Lord, JAHESHUA, please renew my heart and help me mean it 'cause I really had to dig that one up...)

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who just can't get over how self-serving some of "us" can be although we have SO much in comparison to so many others...

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    "More and more every day, I come to the conclusion that a lot of our "bitter" friends were bitter before they ever heard of... went into... joined up with... the WTBTS." Aguest, thank you for pointing this out. The amount of hatred that has been expressed is amazing. This entire conversation has to deal with other human beings and quite a few are speaking of them as criminal sub-humans.

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