Any gay former JWs out there?

by BenV 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • Seeker4

    Not gay, but the friend of many a gay JW who eventually broke out. And one or two who jumped back in!! Good god!

    I had four close JW friends who eventually climbed out of the closet - after fathering 10 kids amongst them. I wish them and you Ben all the best in the world. And you are definitely welcome here.


  • IP_SEC

    Oops misread the title... thought it was about former gay JWs.

    welcome benv

  • CountryGuy

    Hey Ben,

    There are quite a few gay members of the board. And, in my experience, the straight folks on this site (for the most part) are very supportive.


  • BenV

    OK, I'm back. Got home from work. Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate that you took the time to write.

    I kind of went crazy on Sunday and started that Yahoo group -- but I've disbanded the "party of one." So the link is no longer any good. (Couldn't figure out how to edit/delete it in the post.) And it seems there are lots of other resources for those who are XJW-Lite.

    Hey, you're a sweetheart Auntie Momz. (Isn't that a movie?) I'll send you a birthday card.

    There were some other nice response, like from Spaghetti-Man -- thanks for the kind PMs (is that what they're called? Sounds like something female to me.)

    Wish I had written down peoples' names to personally respond but ...

    Ben (forgettin')

  • joelbear69

    There has been an exgay support group out there for years which has had differing numbers of participants over the years. it is called A Common Bond

  • momzcrazy
    Hey, you're a sweetheart Auntie Momz. (Isn't that a movie?)

    You know, sometimes we just have to form our own families. I don't know if it's a movie, maybe it should be.


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