Any gay former JWs out there?

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  • BenV

    Hey, don't want to frizz any reconditioned Christian straight people here -- so if gay stuff bothers you, please go to the next post. Thanks.

    I've started a group for gay disfellowshipped, DA-d, or missing-in-action JWs. Thought we could share a few stark-raving post-JW survival stories. You know the kind where you wake up screaming? And how you can start a whole new life with only a shirt, a pair of Levi's and gift card from Starbucks. And, oh yeah, having a sense of humor would be good.

    If this kind of post is allowed here? Thank you to the powers that be.

    WarmBruder, Ben

  • digderidoo

    Welcome to the site ben.

    Yes there are a few, if you look at recent threads and not so recent threads you will find people post here posting about being gay and a jw.


  • ozbrad

    This group has been round for a long time. They hold a conference every year.

  • zeroday

    I'm an exJW lesbian trapped in a mans body...

  • MissingLink

    Does mothers day bring all the gays out or what? It's like a big gay fest on the forum today.

  • BenV

    Hey, everyone, thanks for the replies.

    Yes, I should have done more investigation of this site. Well, beat me with a rolled-up Watchtower! All in all, people seem very nice here.

    Oh, yeah, and happy Mother's Day ... (I guess we can celebrate that now, huh?)

    Any spare "apostate" mothers available? (Gawd, I hate the word "apostate." Push that button with the JWs and a steel door slams shut in their brain. "We. No. Go. There!" spoken in zombie-speak.)

    Ben (there)

    PS: Am I using these little "smiley faces" correctly? I fear transgressing the Internet Ms Manners.

  • str8?so is spaghetti..until you heat it up
    str8?so is spaghetti..until you heat it up

    We're here benny!

    You just gotta go looking for us.

  • momzcrazy
    Any spare "apostate" mothers available?

    I'll be your Auntie!

    My sister was married for three years to the SO of ou hall. He died of cancer Nov, 2006. She came out as a lesbian a year later. Now her and her GF are talking artificial insemination and buying houses! They are raising her GF's 2 yr old daughter. She looks more like my sister than her own momma!


  • VoidEater


    And, yes, I sent my mom flowers and a card...and she's a naughty lady for accepting and enjoying them, thank goodness!

  • BFD

    What a nice thing to do, void.

    I think I'll send my mom a card and flowers next week. She won't have any reason to throw them away.

    I went to the page benny but I'm too stupid to figure out how to send a message.


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