no more preaching to be done

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  • reneeisorym

    I think they may change methods and suggest contributing more (since you are saving gas money).

    Or maybe they will start going to hospitals, more laundry mats .. places "where the people are" and stop the door to door work.

  • watson

    I'm a tellin' yee, all they have to do is stop requiring the turning in of time at the end of the month. Leave it to the conscience of the will see larger groups. Pressure to get into the ark.

  • logic

    I dont know why the society doesn't heed the scriptures , matt. 10:14, mark 6:11, luke 9:5, acts 13:51, especially in america. No one here is listening.

  • journey-on

    logic, I had to look up the scriptures to see what you had reference to. This is an excellent point for the Society

    to consider when giving their scriptural reason for discontinuing the field ministry. This way they can examine

    the numbers, determine which districts can be considered unresponsive, then gradually eliminate district after

    district, till the field service has been stopped altogether. This way, they can more efficiently calculate the

    effects of changing this major tenent of their religion and make adjustments as needed. Brilliant!

  • snowbird
    I dont know why the society doesn't heed the scriptures , matt. 10:14, mark 6:11, luke 9:5, acts 13:51, especially in america. No one here is listening.

    One thing the above Scriptures have in common is that the disciples didn't petition the courts or the government to allow them to preach.

    If people weren't interested, they simply moved on - as so instructed by the Master.


  • M.J.

    Is it true that nation-wide reported volunteer hours are somehow used for a tax advantage (in the US at least)? I heard that somewhere.

    As for the time reporting requirement:
    (Galatians 6:4) "But let each one prove what his own work is, and then he will have cause for exultation in regard to himself alone, and not in comparison with the other person."

    We all know the reporting requirement is used to determine a JW's rank on the spirituality totem pole.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I don't think they will ever get rid of the door-to-door work but they may make it optional. After all, the original Greek word word does have a 'distributive' sense and Ray Franz never fully dealt with that other than to say 'distributive' does not mean 'consecutive' - without providing a single scriptural example to back up the point. 'Distributive' means distributing to everyone, not necessarily in the fashion JW's do door-to-door down the street, but it denotes an attempt to reach everyone thoroughly, not haphazardly, or just by inviting people to a disciples home. So although the Watchtower is wrong to assert that the early disciples definitely did preach house-to-house in a consecutive door-to-door manner, it remains that this could well have been what they did. We can't say 100% sure either way, so the correct scriptural position is to make it optional. The main point is the JW's are correct to try to preach in a 'distributive' manner by trying to preach thoroughly and not leave anyone out. The door-to-door method is logically an excellent way to do that but it is not the only way, especially these days with so many people no longer at home during the day, even in the weekends now. The pioneers are absolutely wasting their time door-knocking in the day during the week. All they do is collect not-at-home slips (those will be dumped eventually)

    The solution is to focus more on mall witnessing, street witnessing, car-park witnessing, display stands, evening witnessing and phone witnessing. There will be a greater shift to these methods in years to come.

  • tan
    My sister and her husband, who do not speak to me for years at a time. They told me the reason for the book study change is because of gas prices.

    I heard that same crap. As someone brought out before...they've been told that it leaves more time for the ministry and congregating with each other (the changing of the meetings part). But have they considered that in field service they'll be using gas. Or is there a difference because a few will be using vehicles not everyone. Dummies....

  • Bring_the_Light
    anyway, I think more people than we think are frequenting apostate sites

    I would be astonished if every 15-40 year old in the entire organization hasn't actually "gone looking" for apostate info on-line. I remember being curious as hell what these "apostates" were. I thought (you guys) were some extra-screwed up off-shoot of JW's that are EVEN MORE extreme in your views. You never get the impression that "Apostates" are normal people that don't want to be a JW. It looks like a competing, hostile, religion from the inside.

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